Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bedroom 3 Progress (cont'd)

So, hopefully Blogger will cooperate and let me upload photos in less than 10 minutes a piece tonight. I'm picking right up where I left off with our recent progress in Bedroom 3... just after the Navy Blue Carpet Surprise :)

Sam has been the cutting, nailing, caulking man for this room. That pretty much leaves me to do the priming and the painting. Since there isn't another set of little feet in the picture at this point and since the weather was bee-u-tee-ful last week, that worked out great! Sam finished the new trim inside the closet once I had the closet system out, and I got to work priming and painting that trim after he caulked it. I was able to work in small segments of time and get everything but the wall with the closet on it painted. Yeah, you read that right. I said I got everything but that wall painted.

Hmmmmm..... what's she up to?

Remember back when we painted this room last August? Remember how we painted it Restoration Hardware's "Silver Sage"? But we hadn't really swatched the room, instead we had painted one of those large pieces of cardstock and tried to get a good reading from that? And remember that then we painted the room and realized we should've swatched it after all? Because it didn't really look like we had envisioned? It was too blue-green? And too saturated? Remember that I'm kind of obsessive about color? The right color? And remember how I tried to convince myself that I wasn't really all that obsessive and the color was fine?

Well, I am that obsessive.

And it wasn't really fine.

Since I was painting all this trim anyway, and also painting the inside of the closet, why not go ahead and make the most of the room being empty and totally ready to paint, and just - repaint it? You know, seven months after I painted it "Silver Sage". You know, because I have nothing else to do.

My husband loves me.

You can see the new, lighter, less saturated color in the photo above, and - a little less clearly - in the photo below. It's Sherwin William's "Passive". Much grayer, with blue, but only very, very little green. I like it :) Sam says I'd better ;)

The closet trim was a little tricksy to decide on. I mentioned in the last post that we're using curtains on this closet and that the room really only lends itself to that option or sliding doors (which we didn't want). We had to decide where to end the basecap moulding. It was really six of one half dozen of the other. So, we just picked what we thought would look good. I like that it's a little different - like it doesn't quite fit in a way you'd expect, but it still looks good. The curtains will totally hide this part anyway. Someday, if we want doors on this closet, these little end pieces will have to come off. For now, though, I think it looks fun... and has a little character.

You can see the white walls in the closet there. The white feels sooooo fresh and clean.

So, now the walls (except the wall the closet is on) are all "Passive" and all the trim is done except for the area around the main door. Sam needs to remove the door and caulk the entire jam and the trim around it before I can prime and paint it. That's next up on the agenda... hopefully this weekend?


Deb said...

The new shade looks really nice. The closet trim is so neat!

Laura Lynn said...

I love SW's Passive. That's actually one of the colors I have a sample of to help make my final decision.

Jacci said...

Oh, how funny, Laura! I really like it, too. I have noticed that green next to the wall pulls out a **little** bit of a lavendar undertone, but if I keep the green away you really don't see it. I'm sure you're planning to swatch first, anyway, though. Right? :)