Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kitchen - (un)Styled

A few days ago, I mentioned on Twitter, that I was hoping we'd have some lovely, sunny day soon so I could take official pictures of the kitchen progress so far. I never really got good after shots when we finished up the first stage of our work in there last fall.

Of course, there have been a number of sunny days already this spring, but I also wanted the kitchen to be really clean for the pictures. (And we cook 3 full meals in here each day). A bonus would be I could also style the kitchen for the photos. You know, buy a pile of artichokes to spread out on a wooden cutting board. Place fresh flowers beside the sink, ready to be cut and vased. Lemons in a pretty little bowl. Things like that. (And we cook 3 full meals in here each day - and watercolor paint, and draw with markers, and...) Hmmm... it might not happen. Or if it were going to, it was going to take some serious effort. I have enough on my plate that requires serious effort ;)

So, I let that idea go.

But, then, we were making pancakes on Saturday morning. Apple pecan pancakes before we started in on the rest of the caulking, priming, and painting in Bedroom 3. SweetP was doing most of the work, but I was cooking some apples in butter and cinnamon for her to use.


While we were making breakfast that morning, I looked around the kitchen and really liked the way it looked. It looked useful, and happy, and it looked like family. So, I fiddled with a towel and moved a pitcher of orange-pineapple juice around, and took some shots.

Our kitchen as it looks today.

Lived in. Loved in.



Chelsea said...

Love it, and love this post. Great photos! :)

Tricia said...

Beautiful. Obviously loved.

Grace said...

I love your kitchen - homey, lived in, and loved. The white cabinets are fantastic and just what I'm planning to do with mine this summer (I have a kitchen post coming out tomorrow, and sadly I did clean and "stage" mine over the March break when nobody was around messing it up). I also love the curtain under the sink, and the 3 mugs that spell "YUM". It's hard to tell what part is my favourite.

Jacci said...

You know, Grace, I totally **would have** staged the kitchen if it were remotely possible this weekend ;) But it wasn't - so I "embraced" the mess, lol. I really do love the kitchen used and full of all of us - lively - but it still would be fun down the road to dabble in the whole styling thing. That's an art that I haven't considered much yet, and I think it really adds to photos.

I'll check out your post!

Thanks for the sweet comments, guys!!!

Deb said...

I love your kitchen. It looks just as it should, lived in and loved. Your daughter is a doll!

Rebecca said...

Seeing your kitchen revives my desire to paint my cabinets!!I love that you took pictures of it how it normally looks day to day.