Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rise Above It

Look at this man.

Defying the pain.

Laughing in its face.

Gritty. Tough as nails. Big nails.

Awwww, yee-uh.

note: this saturday marked day 7 of sam's shoulder injury. he was, at all times, very careful and sensible while caulking. he speaks with a physical therapist tomorrow. in the meantime, he got the job done and i'm free to paint. might have this room down by friday after all. he's a rock :)


Grace said...

That was sooo nice of him. It always feels good to get on to the painting stage.

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

Wow. Your husband is definitely tough, I know how much that must have hurt (for me, at least)... I can certainly see why you married him. That's hot :)

Deb said...

He's a sweetheart!

JacciM said...

elisa ;)

Cathy said...

Sam, you're the bomb!