Monday, May 31, 2010

All is Well

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I just wanted to pop in and tell you that we're all still breathing (in case you were wondering). Sorry for the long stretch without a post - we had an impromptu trip to St. Louis :) "Impromptu" meaning that last Sunday night, Sam and I were discussing his upcoming business trip and we wound up deciding that the kiddos and I would just come along. We left the next day at 2pm.


I also wanted to let you know... brace yourselves... we're painting. Finally. We knew that this ridiculous room would take forever if we didn't get it done at the beginning of the month. Well, we got sick, didn't finish the room at the beginning of the month, and guess what?




But, today, we're painting. Well, Sam's painting. I'm cooking. Sissy and her little family are coming over to grill out in an hour or so.

Hoping for a few photos and a Bedroom 2 update coming later this week :)

Happy Memorial Day!!!

FYI: Totally unrelated photos are from Summer 2007 - because, who wants to read a post without pictures? :)

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