Friday, May 7, 2010

More Brother/Sister Shared Bedroom Inspiration

"In a sunny corner haven that will eventually be sleeping quarters
for both for her boys, Putnam infuses balance with a pair of matching
four-poster twin beds. Here, she weaves in elements from other parts of the
house (colors, spheres, and bamboo texture) to create a cohesive feeling."
- Lonny

This room is just perfect in helping me visualize a mixed bedroom for Punkin and Little Dude to share (bedroom 3). It has blue walls with a hint of gray, plenty of white, and red and black accents. And I love that the homeowner was able to keep it feeling reasonably cohesive with the rest of the house. In a smallish house, I think that's important. Children's bedrooms make up nealry 1/4 of our space! This is a bedroom for two little brothers, but with the addition of a girly toss pillow on one bed and a wall rack for all of my 5 year old little girl's many, many bags - maybe a doll bed for good measure... this room could easily go gender neutral. It's all styled for a photoshoot here and lacking some in the personality department, but with all the little personal touches that naturally come from children actually using a room, this space would be just right.

I love ticking stripes, by the way. They're classic, nostalgic, and stylish all rolled into one.

Since several of you have shared that you're also wading through inspiration photos, looking for ideas for boy/girl rooms, I thought I'd share this one.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Laura Lynn said...

Love it! I'm actually working on my boys' bedroom right now. Primer and base coat of paint is up - lots more to do. I'm hoping to be done by Wednesday but we'll see!

Chelsea said...

Love it! I think the gray/blue with accents to differentiate between which is the boys' side and the girls' side is a great idea! What a lovely inspiration pic, too. :)