Monday, May 10, 2010

'round here

The weather seems to have freaked out this week and concluded that it's March all over again instead of a few short weeks to Memorial Day. Brrr. Maybe it's for the best, though, because the near-summer weather we had in the last part of April was really making it difficult for me to buckle down on school work.

Spring fever isn't just for third graders in public school, you know.

My mom and dad gave us a wonderful family gift for Christmas this year - a membership to a local pool. Our previous house was in a subdivision that had a pool just a block from our house, and we have definitely missed it. So, this is really exciting for all of us. Everyone keeps asking, "Mama, how many days until the pool opens?".

But, we started our school year a little on the late side and we still have quite a lot to do in several of our subjects. As in, we won't wrap up until around the 4th. Yes, of July. About half of them, though, we're closing in on. We were hoping to finish up math, grammar, spelling, and a few other things by the end of this month. I told our two eldest girls this week that if we really buckled down and crammed a bunch in each day, we could finish about four of our books by Friday. I even told them they could do the extra work in their beds if they wanted to :) See, it's perfect because it's chilly and stormy out this week, but next week... sun and no morning school to do. If we stick with it, that is.

The girls were totally game. We'll see if they're still totally game by Thursday, but so far so good. They worked really hard today, and we're getting there. Bedroom 2 is coming along, too, by the way. Did you read in my sidebar Twitter thingy? Yeah, we got a tummy bug last week and our Mother's Day deadline hopes and dreams came crashing to the ground. But, we're still moving along... finishing up painting the trim.

They really are hard workers. And pretty cute, too. This little gal is finishing up 2nd grade...

... and this one is finishing 3rd. They're so sweet to humor their shutter happy Mama.

Punkin's school picture. Seriously, though - doesn't this look like she's posed for a school portrait? Purple beads and everything. Year book material, man.

Speaking of man... I couldn't leave Little Dude out of the post. He was napping when I snapped these photos of the girls, but he definitely got his share of the spotlight when he woke up. I haven't edited his photos up, yet, but he was in top form. He's three. Can you tell?

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Such cute kids!!!!