Thursday, May 6, 2010


I'm kind of obsessed with green right now. It's not the most flattering color with my hair and skin tone (unless it's juuust right), so I have to use it creatively. Target had yet to put out flats in a really great green this year, but they totally came through in the bag department. I picked this little gal up for just 10 beans.

I may not be accessorizing my house, yet, but I can still accessorize ME!

And my children.

Shug picked out that t-shirt a few weeks ago, and she loves it so. It's nice, and very her. Sunny. My green is bluer. More like my purse. With our dark hair and hazel eyes, my best green is more like SweetP's green...

My favorite color with green right now is gray.

Those two colors are just a fabulous combination. If I were in the accessorizing stage right now, you'd be seeing some green and white striped pillows on my gray sofa.

I'm not sure, but I think this is where the whole thing really began (second photo down). Makes me wonder if maybe I can work some green into Bedroom 3 somehow.

What about you guys? Does green say spring for you, too? What accent color has you smitten these days?


Beautiful Handmade said...

Hi, Jacci! I saw that you commented on my blog...thanks for stopping by! I TOTALLY stalk your blog waiting for new updates! I love your neutral-with-black-and-little-pops-of-color look!

On the green note, I also love green. I am beginning to wonder if it is my favorite color. I am hesitant to admit it, b/c I've loved terra cotta/coral/salmon/rust for so long...but a lot of my shirts these days are green...I think I prefer the sage version. But I am also brown haired and hazel-eyed, so it works!

Thanks for a beautiful blog!

P.S. Did you try the magazine paper bow yet? I haven't! I need to!

Vintage Simple said...

I love the pattern on the bag - I think it makes accessory on you and your house! :)

I remember a few years back being completely obsessed with a wall color called Desert Cactus, by Ralph Lauren. I used it many times. And now I'm more into whites and barely-there shades... I'm sure it'll change again at some point.


Stephen and Larissa said...

Hey Jacci!
Thanks for the message! It’s nice to be missed! I’ve been finishing up a ton of projects and finals. I finished my last one today though, so I’ll be back with several posts over the next few days of some house projects I did back over spring break! Hooray!
Your new bag is so cute and summery! It’s so fun to accessorize. I’ve been dreaming of a little girl of my own to accessorize….. (Not for a little while longer though bummer)

Jessica said...

well you've seen my kitchen so you know I'm obsessed with chartreuse! but I'm wearing a similar green to your purse with my purple shoes today. thanks for the compliment today - now I have to listen to that Simon & Garfunkle song

Jacci said...

Here's a link!

Love it :)

Chelsea said...

Hey Jacci! I really love green, too - that's been one of my fav. colors for a long time! Although now it's more of a lime-green color. Love your purse! I picked out the orange 10$ one - I couldn't believe the price, and the bright prints on all of them just scream SPRING! :)

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

I am SO going to Target this weekend! Cute bag!

Green and gray rocks. I want that combo, along with white, in our game room..!