Wednesday, March 6, 2013

happy nordic homes

Do y'all remember waaaay back when I decided to quit looking at such a wide range of design stuff? Because it was confusing me. There was just too much variety and too much volume. So, I pared it down... and, honestly, I think it was one of the best things I could have possibly done.

Once the extraneous stuff was weeded out, I was able to focus.

I'd say very few people truly have original style. Those that do stand out. For most of us, personal style is a conglomeration of other people's ideas... aesthetic influences that have slowly built up, like layers, over time. Then, there's our own experience, too. Slowly building up in the same way.

Some of the influences are personal. Our grandma's kitchen. The house down the street with the jar of marbles we loved. The gorgeous crystal chandeliers in (too) expensive anniversary getaways. Others don't really have personal meaning, but something about them resonates with us more than most. They stick with us. An art exhibit one Sunday afternoon. A magazine article with colors that stayed with you for days. A movie set.

I'm beginning to believe that we get our truest personal style when we just let these influences all crash together and then settle down in their own places within our homes. Or it could be said another way. When we stop and think too much or play it safe too much or try too hard to make the (sometimes very disparate) pieces come together neatly... we goof it all up. There's a place for analyzing (like when a lot of time or money is involved)... but there's also a place to step back from all that and just go for what looks good.

That's not a scary thought to me anymore.

It makes no real sense that I should have a huge affinity for Scandinavian family homes. Danish & Swedish, in particular. I'm very clearly neither one. There's zero presence of either in my real life world. I have no personal experience with the land or the people. But, when I see just the right Scandinavian home online, there is just something about it. (And you immediately know it's Scandinavian, too. There's such a developed aesthetic). They are bright. Cheerful. Very, very kid-friendly. And the homes - although designed - seem to be designed for real life. They feel like... like... little blonde kids eating homemade pancakes for breakfast on vintage Danish dinnerware while watercoloring at a table with a colorful polka dot oil cloth cover in a white room with INCREDIBLE light while wearing striped tights, pirate hats, and no shirts.

That's exactly what they feel like.

A little bit crazy, but very fun and completely gorgeous eye candy.

I love it.

And I want some of that in our home. Maybe we already have a little... but I want to highlight it... maximize it.

Of course, you know I've already analyzed room after room after IKEA-filled room. It's what I do. And I've tried to figure out how on earth I could mix in some of that with my pretty traditional, suburban American style. How I can help it all make sense?

But... I'm done. I'm moving on now. I'm not going to try to really make sense all the time anymore. I'm going to trust that it will come together. That it will work. Let it all crash and settle. I mentioned I was feeling comfortable about our own style at this point. It's good. I have a few definite ideas, even a few things already rolling. Beyond that, we'll just have to keep moving forward and see where we wind up... have a little fun!

Like a happy nordic homemaker.

These are the rooms & families I'm pretty much stalking right now. I follow them on Instagram and I've just about pinned Johanna's entire house. I'm loving the steady influx and I want to share! Happy overdose coming your way...

Do those rooms make you want to be there? They totally make me want to stay for hours and hours.

What about you? What would you say have been the biggest influences on your personal style? Are there are any new influences that have really inspired you lately? I'm really excited to have discovered more about myself this way. And just as excited about how that will translate for our home :)


Danielle Huddleston said...

They are pretty. I like cozy log cabin type places. My house might be more trash dump design right now though...

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I love Scandinavian spaces, too. Yes, that house looks like a great place to really live.

Not really sure what my influences are. I guess I like eclectic spaces (whatever that means). I like rooms with lots of color and texture, but not lots of stuff. Too much stuff feels cluttery to me. I don't like obviously decorated spaces. I want the things in a room to be things that have a real purpose (other than to fill space and look cool). Yeah...this is why I don't have a style and love all kinds of rooms!

Thanks for the food for thought. Good lunchtime reading!

Deb said...

I like them but I can't decide if I want to live there. The couches and chairs just don't look comfortable to me. I think I'm kind of Farmhouse style if that means anything.

Erin said...

I have been struggling with defining my style, so this post made me smile. :) I agree, what a happy space. I'm struck that the space is very white and neutral and there is a lot of bright color in the accessories. Maybe you are craving more color?

Our house has the mid-century thing going on in the architecture, so I have struggled with "going with it" (because I do love mid-century) and to what degree, because I also love more traditional "pottery barn" style, too. How to mix these?

I'm trying to move to more modern pieces with stronger lines and more tradional accents like windows and rugs.