Friday, March 8, 2013

snow day!

We had snow this week!

Which was exciting. We haven't had a decent snow all winter. It only lasted one day, though, which meant I put the pressure on myself to make all kinds of snow day traditions happen basically within 24 hours and made myself grumpy in the process.

But let's not choose to remember that part... 'kay?

Let's choose, instead, to remember chocolate chip muffins (obviously vigorgously beaten...), cocoa for breakfast with lively conversation reliving the previous night's movie (Avengers), hours outside, and a tent in the afternoon.

Glass half full.

Just know that it wasn't all pretty... Baby is teething and there were attitudes all around (me included).

But we're going to focus on the happy parts today.

Our snow day :)

There were definitely struggly moments, but there were also sweet moments mixed in :)

And I'm thankful for those.

p.s. I'm still doing the Making Home project, but I was starting to get bogged down by posting those photos weekly. And I didn't like the way the blog was overtaken... so, I'm going to do just one post a month with all the MH pics for that month... starting here at the end of March.

We're headed out for a little impromptu road trip to Kentucky tomorrow! That sounds like just the thing for right now. The walls start closing in by this time each year. A change of scenery is a good thing.

Have a great weekend!


Deb said...

You have the sweetest family!

Angel said...

Wow, look at all that snow! So fun!
Hey, cranky happens.
It's okay.
Those mugs are anything but cranky though, super cheerful and pretty.
LOVE the shot of your little one studying the light bulb.
Wishing you a safe, relaxing and refreshing trip!

Jess @ said...

Oh such FUN!