Friday, March 22, 2013


It's currently 1:48AM.

As in... late at night. And I am awake.

This would be because the little decaf K-cups and the little not decaf K-cups are both green on top. I decided to have a nice, hot cup of decaf before bed at around 11:15pm. When I was feeling rather zippy about an hour later, I put two and two together. Not decaf. I drank the real deal.

What kind of attention deficit problems do I have these days? And people (Sam) leave me in the sole charge of children?

Soooo, I didn't pay attention. It's late. I'm up. And blogging.

Since today is Friday, I thought - hey! Let's join Jeanette with an InstaFriday post! Here we go. I'm just gonna download whatever pops out of my phone... in phone order. With or without captions or explanations. Quick like. Because after I post this I'm going to finish painting a rocking chair. Make hay while the moon shines, I always say.

Does this one require a caption? I let my baby stand on the counter. But just for the picture. Because barefoot babies in overalls standing on kitchen counters are cuuuuuute.

My aesthetic in a nutshell.

Pel. vis.

Chef salad bar for dinner. Communal cutting board service is extra sanitary.

She worked so hard to get these Calico Critters in her brother's land speeder. Then squealed with glee when she took them for a spin around the room.


Giant houndstooth at Hobby Lobby. Ready. Set. Go!


Yes. It was very bright.

Aaaaand... last one...

Me on St. Patty's Day. No pinches.

The End.

Wait! Why is that last one smaller? Annoying.

Now, to get to that rocker. It's small which is a bonus. And I've already painted 2/3 of it, which is another bonus. So, it should be fast. Hopefully I'll be sleepy and ready for bed when I'm done... maybe around 3?

I'm such a dork.

Why am I such a dork?

Linking up with Jeanette. Happy Friday, y'all!

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Danielle Huddleston said...

We have that game! Your children are adorable. Why do are your instagram pics so much prettier then mine? HA!

Mindy said...

LOVE that sweet pic of your girl. She is precious!!!!
Great shots!!

Mindy said...

LOVE that sweet pic of your girl. She is precious!!!!
Great shots!!

Amy Nordgren-Ditz said...

stopping by from instafriday - love your pictures! Gumball one is my favorite! I want a gumball machine so bad... I keep stalking Craigslist for one! Oh and I'm another Ohio blogger ;)


Chance said...

Such a bright and cheerful post! Lovin' the yellow paint!

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

So, it's true: It's not the camera, it's the photographer. Seriously, these are wonderful photos. (I wouldn't be able to resist getting those baby feet on the counter either.) :-)

Angel said...

This post makes me heart beat fast!
Very inspirational and beautiful.
We love chef salad for dinner- communal cutting board will be placed in the middle of the table next time. Great idea! We wash our hands, I'm okay with my families germs :)
Giant houndstooth, ooooh, whatcha making?
Painting, gorgeous family (and gorgeous you), drawing, coloring, baby toes, mint candy, needle point, springy Springness- this could have been a Making Home post too :)