Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making Home project - March

First of all! Happy Easter! We had a wonderful time with family, celebrating the truth of our risen Savior. And I ate way too much cheesecake. I only make it about once a year, though, so... I kind of had to. Right?

This month was a big one house-wise. You may remember that March marks the anniversary of our first project in this home. We have now been working on this house for four years. Four! As we start this fifth year, I'm getting pretty excited. I really think by the end of this year we're going to have come a long, long way from where we began. Although there's still plenty left on the to-do list, I like our home now. I'm not nearly as prone to getting overwhelmed by it as I once was, and the torn up spots are more equally balanced by pretty spots now, too. It's encouraging, guys! Those first couple of years seem to move at a snail's pace. There's just a mountain of projects looming before you. And no matter how much you work, it just doesn't ever seem to happen fast enough. But, by God's grace, we've kept at it. What a blessing to start to see such a difference! To realize that all the little bits add up over time.

They really do.

This is a long post. I have a lot of photos to share. If I continue to post the Making Home pics once a month, I think they'll always be fairly lengthy. 20+ photos is a lot. I'll try not to talk your ear off and make it even longer.

Okay... our home... March :)

Baby is at the age that she loves anything that makes her feel like a big girl. She's still too wobbly to sit at the table on one of the benches, but this little set up is a fun arrangement for her breakfast if she's up before the others.

I shared these three photos in an earlier post. We had two good snows this month! (I sure hope we're done now, though!)

I love when I can have fresh flowers on the dining room table. It's fun to play around with new colors in an easy way. We also added pieces of plywood cut to size to fit between the china cabinet shelves. Right now, I have them painted a pale, warm pink. It's probably a little too sweet of a look to leave up for long, but at the end of winter, it's been a welcome change. It made the cabinet that we've had since the first year of marriage feel fresh.

I already shared this image, too. We started painting the stair risers leading down to the family room. I'm pumped about that!

I also finally got around to repainting the entryway closet doors white. I had test-swatched a light beige color on them a loooong time ago, thinking it'd be no deal to paint over it if I didn't like it. But, it definitely took longer than I anticipated to get to it! Anyway, there's one coat of white paint on them now. Hoping it won't be another 3 years before I get the second coat up :)

And this was a game changer for me. This little slice of wall completely changed the feel of the main level. It was just the unexpected pop of color and fun we needed to shake up a fairly traditional, suburban look.

The triangle color was left over from painting Baby's rocker. It. is. bright. I had told my sister about it, but when she walked into the living room and saw it, she still said, "Woooah!" :) It's high energy. And, again, a little unexpected. I guess I've been craving a sense of fun this month.

The yellow table was there temporarily while I was painting the rocking chair. I had fun with the paint colors this month :)

I got antsy one day early in the month and re-did the mantle. I wanted Spring. Stat. I used things we had on hand and made a few. That garland is left over from last year's summer list :)

I can't remember for certain, but I think I made those pillows at the end of February. A scrap of that fabric came in an assortment I purchased from Etsy, and I immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors. They are very bold in person. Super happy with the white chairs. The fabric is Amy Butler... I think it's from her Bliss line.

She's so funny about that hat.

And just this weekend...


I just ate another piece of coconut cream while I was posting this.



Angel said...

A project of love, surprises, frustration, anxiety over choices, coming into your own, sometimes moves at a snail's pace and other times blink and it's over (lots of commas there) - sounds like being a family too.

Me thinks you're raising an amazing family in just the right house!

Your photos are as beautiful as ever.

nanato8 said...

The pictures are wonderful. Your house is really starting to look springy. Give kisses, love mom