Friday, April 2, 2010

About That Burn Pile

Welp, I started a new photo folder - the photos I uploaded tonight are now designated as "homeforthebetter 2". The second year is underway :) And it's starting with... fire.

The weather has been beautiful and surprisingly dry for April in Ohio. Sam and I decided to try to get a little of the burn pile (mostly invasive underbrush) taken care of last night. He dug a firepit last summer, but none of the brush dried out enough to burn before winter set in. Now, those piles that have been sitting in the woods are good and dry. And there is a lot to burn for just one little suburban firepit. A whole lot.

We might be burning the entire summer.

Honestly, we need a second pit. And, judging from the amount of smoke that was pouring over into our neighbor's yard, we also need a pit farther from the backyard. Our little yard pit is legal (3' x 3' within city limits), but it's also got to be pretty annoying for our neighbors. We decided Sam needs to dig one in the woods, too, so he got started on that tonight.

I've never had a firepit or a "burn pile" before. It's kind of cool.


Grace said...

Looks like fun, but where are the marshmallows.

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

I was thinking the same thing as Grace! Can't forget the s'mores. I think a fire pit adds SO much to a backyard :)

Chelsea said...

How cool, and fun. I remember my parents (not sure if this was legal within the Orlando city limits?) piling up all the leaves and underbrush from our house and their rental property, into one huge mound and lighting it on fire. The fire was so big, and we'd all sit around it as a family and watch it burn. There's just something so cool about fire and firepits. :)