Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before Pics: Bedroom 2

Okay, here we go.

Bedroom 2.

This bedroom is right across the hall from Bedroom 3.

These are semi-before pics, really. We had the window enlarged around Thanksgiving '09 and the window treatments are obviously up already. True to form, we took the closet doors off before we remembered to take a photo, too. But, this is basically what we were starting with on Friday night.

This is the smallest of our four bedrooms and isn't really anyone's at this point. It's sort of serving as the spare bedroom that gets used when other bedrooms are being worked on. When it's finished, the plan is for SweetP and Shug to move in until their bedroom (Bedroom 4) is completed.

Someday... maybe... we'll see... it could be a... nursery. Some day. Longer than 9 months from now. Grandmothers need not freak out and call when they read this ;) But it would be perfect for a nursery. Just saying.

The new window lets in so much light. I am very, very thankful for this window :)

This room's before and after won't be terribly dramatic, but I am excited to improve the room and make it feel all fresh and serene like bedroom 3. It's already underway - I'll share what we got accomplished this weekend in Tuesday's post :)


Beautiful Handmade said...

Aargh! I thought you'd have the before AND after pictures! I hate waiting...;-)

Jacci said...

Girl, we can't move *that* fast! It's gonna take a little time :)

I think, though, I'm going to try to cover this room in just a handful of posts so it doesn't seem to drag on and on and ON like bedroom 3 has.

Still... a good 4 weeks until true "afters". Sorry ;)