Friday, April 16, 2010

Closing In and Gearing Up

This is the "to-do" list from last weekend. This weekend is looking pretty similar in terms of how much we're trying to get done, just getting a tiny bit more ambitious, though. We're closing in on the first layer in bedroom 3. I know, it seems like ages. It's really only been 6 weeks, though. Still waiting for the base to our overhead lighting and also trying to wrap up painting the shelves for the closet.

We had gorgeous weather last week for painting the door and shelves, but this weekend we're dealing with some rain/humidity that makes painting wood shelving kind of a drag.

Good thing we have plenty of other things to do on a rainy weekend :)

I'm so pleased with how bedroom 3 has turned out so far. I admit, sticking to this "first layer" deal is really hard in a lot of ways. I want to finish the entire room! But, as difficult as it may be to not accessorize and detail, we're gearing up to start on bedroom 2 tomorrow.

Little Dude is about to wake up from nap any minute now, so in the interest of time, I'll just show you where we are with bedroom 3 through photos I took this week. I didn't lighten any of these photos or change the color values - the paint and white curtains give the entire room such a wonderful light! It's perfect :)

The plans right now are that this bedroom will be for Little Dude (3) and Punkin (5 and 1/2) for the next 2 years or so.

Oh, and I love the camel color of Sam's grandma's chair with the blue/gray walls, by the way. It's a little funky and a little not-perfect, which is what's perfect about it in this room. Try to picture bringing in some red, a deeper blue, and just a little of that camel/gold with a restful but happy vintage vibe :)

You know. Eventually.

Wouldn't you have loved curtains like that on your closet when you were a kid? Too fun.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!! :)


Rebecca said...

Looks wonderful!!

AshleyandJoshua said...

Oh man! Those curtains are wonderful!! And the chair is great-lucky kids! Awesome room!

Grace said...

You guys are doing a fantastic job. I love the colour you painted the walls, the lovely shiny black door, the fab curtains hiding the closet, and the cozy chair.

Beautiful Handmade said...

Can you tell me what color the walls are? Not the name, so much, but is it a gray/green? Or a slate blue? I can't really tell. So pretty and peaceful, though! You guys are doing great!

Jacci said...

Thanks so much for the encouraging words, guys :)

BHandmade, sure - the color is made up of fairly equal amounts of gray and blue with a slight undertone of green. There is also, in some light, a *very* slight lavendar undertone. My sister (who is very good about seeing colors within colors) said she couldn't see the lavendar in it, though - so it is very, very faint. Definitely more blue than green, but very gray. Love it :)

For those who do want to know the exact color, it is Sherwin William's "Passive" in a flat finish.

Thanks, again! It's always fun when guys pipe up :)


Jacci said...

Ha. I meant - "It's always fun when YOU guys pipe up" ;)

Beautiful Handmade said...

Thanks, Jacci! I'm totally lovin' your neutral, cool ,and peaceful feeling color palette. It reminds me of The Lettered Cottage (which I think is how I found you).

Jacci said...

THAT is a **huge** compliment :) Thank you! Layla and Kevin are awesome.

Chelsea said...

Wow, that bedroom looks amazing! I Love that blue/grey color, it's subtle but yet still lets the whites "pop". Love it, and I hope you guys got tons crossed off your list this weekend! :)