Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Gray Outside...

... and it's kind of been a long week. I haven't been able to have my regular Mama Night Out in over two weeks, and I think it's starting to get to me. I had a wonderful wonderful date last night with Sam and a younger couple from church last night, but I haven't been ALONE in a while - well, unless you count brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom (and sometimes I'm not even alone for that).

You know what I'd really like to do? I'd like to buy fabric. But, I wouldn't want to drive all the way to the fabric store. I'd rather teleport there and back. I'd like to look at all the pretty colors and patterns and touch all the soft, smooth cottons.

I'd buy some fabric to make Punkin a dress. Did you know I sew? That's okay, I barely know that I sew. It's been ages and ages since I've made a dress for one of the girls. Punkin's going to be 5 and 1/2 this coming week - before I know it she's going to be past the age for polka dots and ruffles. I'd like to make her a dress... soon.

I'd also like to turn part of our laundry room into a little sewing desk someday. We're a crafty bunch - sewing, crocheting, embroidering. There's a lot of craft stuff all piled in various plastic bins in the Spare Oom closet. Wouldn't it be wonderful to set up tons of clean, white shelving over the washer and dryer and fill it with all the yarn, fabric, ribbon, and buttons we possibly can?

And wouldn't it be wonderful if it had some kind of white noise maker? I'd only shut myself in there with the noise maker on when there was another responsible adult here with the children, of course :)

There's a window in the laundry room. And space directly beneath it for a small desk. It's fun to think about on a gray day.

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