Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not quite done...

When will I learn to stop making bold declarations about when we will complete projects? When was it? Last week that I announced we would be finished with Bedroom 3 by the weekend? Last weekend?

Well, we're still not quite done.

I really have to quit doing that.

I do have progress to share, though :) Both closet rods are stained, polyurethaned, and in place. Sam still has to put in center supports and we're still planning on adding a top shelf.

A while back, John & Sherry showed photos of their master bedroom closet and I really liked the quaint way the rods were installed. We took that idea and made it our own. The slant keeps the bar from popping out when it's bumped and it will be extra easy to remove the bottom bar when the children are older and we need to fit longer clothes in here.

The closet in painted Benjamin Moore's "White Dove" in satin finish and the trim is all the same color in semi-gloss.

I'm not sure I can really get across how much of an impact this white trim makes in the room. I painted the hall side, too, and it's really a dramatic improvement. I love it.

The door had to come off so I could paint the door jam. I still need to paint the hinge part of the black door - it was too tricky to paint while the door was actually hanging. It's been bare on that edge for months. While I'm at it, I'm going to do a few touch-ups on the door, too.

The trim feels more substantial now, and just has a fresh, solid feel to it. I admire it every time I walk by ;)

Just keeping things real in the house blog world. I've mentioned before that I don't tape off when I paint. I can keep a pretty good edge free-handing it if I have a good brush. Well, usually. But, something went dramatically wrong here. I'm going to blame it on a tired arm from all that door jam painting.


I did the same thing a little higher up. So, I just painted another coat of "Passive" on the wall there to cover up my "oopses". I don't have a photo of the fix, but you'll be glad to know that I did much better keeping a clean line the second time. As of last night, all of the door and wall painting for this bedroom is DONE! Woo hooey.

Next up, a few finishing touches before we move on. Somehow, it always seems like the last-minute little odds and ends take forever. I definitely don't want to skip over these details, though. So, hopefully before the end of next week...

Wait! I should've learned my lesson by now. How about if I say that there is absolutely no way humanly possible that we could ever get this room done by next weekend. No way.

There. Maybe that will help :)


Jacci said...
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Jacci said...

are the comments working, y'all? ;)

Grace said...

Those last finishing touches seem to take forever, don't they. I love the trim you put around the door. I'm waiting patiently for the after photos (drumming fingers on desk).

Jacci said...

you and me both! :)

Laura Lynn said...

Love the trim work! Can't wait for the after photos.