Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kitchen Update :)

It's still far from finished, but we are getting close to completing the first layer of our kitchen makeover. We can't really call it a remodel because nothing was torn out or replaced (except the hardware) - we're really just working with what we had. The cabinets were all in great shape, thankfully. The entire kitchen just needed to be made lighter and brighter. That was our goal for before winter, and I think we're there! :) Yay. Our own little testimony to the power of paint and perseverance.

The sun never really came out today like the weatherman had promised, so these photos aren't the greatest. You can definitely still see the difference, though :) Remember where we were starting from
back in March? Here's where we are today:

What do you think? I think I'm very thankful that I won't be spending another long, gray Ohio winter in a Pumpkin Pie kitchen :) We're in this room so much everyday, it makes such a difference to have it light and... dare I say it?... pretty! Now, just about 3 to 5 more little projects until we call the first layer a wrap in here. It's been a loooong time in process (seven months feels long at least), but all of that sanding, priming, and painting has really been worth it.

After Sam put the last of the bin pulls on last night, I couldn't stop going back in the kitchen to look at it. I may have even danced a little in my glee :)


cousin Deb said...

Your kitchen is lovely! Well done!

A Touch of Country said...

I am envious!

We have 1950's blonde woodwork and cupboards...yucky and tacky!

I would like to remove most of the top cupboards and paint the bottom ones a chalky white with black countertops. We have a black stove and fridge already.

I wish I could snap my fingers and be in the stage you are now.

Fall blessings,


Stephen and Larissa said...

I love it! The drawer pulls ad that finishing touch. And the "YUM" is too cute!!

Laura Lynn said...

I just found your blog and it's great. Good job on the kitchen! We're in the midst of a total reno on the bathroom and a make-over of the kitchen. Real family blogs are cool, thanks!

Jacci said...

Thanks so much for the comments, ladies :) It really is fun to read what y'all say. What's Pooh Bear say? "It's much more friendly with two" - or more!

Cousin Deb, sure wish you had a blog where we could see this amazing 1803 house! Wow. That must be Incredible.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


cmluvs2stamp said...

We are going to put bin pulls on our kitchen cabinets too. I love the oiled bronze look don't you?! Im just trying to convince my DH to let me paint the cabinets white. It would so lighten up the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

cmluvs2stamp said...

The curtains and the mugs are so great. I am now following this blog. Good job!Did you use rub-ons for the mugs or did you purchase them that way?

Anonymous said...

It is awesome how your entire house changed/improved so much with just paint jobs and few changes; though i can imagine it has been a huge project for you. your new kitchen looks totally better, and cleaner than its original form.

Jacci said...

So glad you all like it :)

CMlovestostamp, we *do* like the way the oil-rubbed bronze turned out with the creamy white cabinets. We were hoping for a dressed-up classic/vintagey look... getting there.

The mugs, by the way, are retail. Only $6 each, too :) Here's the (really crazy long) link -

greenyourkitchen - it *is* so much brighter in here. It makes such a difference :)


Anonymous said...

read a lot of your archives today, really enjoyed it and i feel like i can relate to you even though our house is brand new - but i'm still in the beginning stages of making it prettier, painting, etc etc and now I feel really lazy compared to what you've been doing and with four kids! thanks for the fire in my butt ;-)