Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Year Frenzy-versary Part 1: Late October 2008

Have I ever mentioned how quickly we bought this house? Or how we weren't even looking for a new house at the time? Or how we had not placed our current house on the market at all yet - nor were we intending to do so? Have I mentioned that the entire purchase and most of the move happened within four short weeks?

Frenzy, y'all. That's about what the activity level was like from my birthday in early November 2008 up until oh, I'd The Frenzy-versary is just a look back at Fall 2008 and early Winter 2009 and all the craziness that ensued ;)

Today's post is the last photo I have in my computer files from before November 9th - that fateful birthday (yes, I found our house on my birthday!).

Continental Divide Cookies w/ Friends

This photo was taken in this week of October 2008. We had friends over to bake a geography lesson. See, if you homeschool you can both bake and eat your geography. In the younger grades, at least. Here we are making Continental Divide cookies.

In the background you can see that nothing is packed up. All is happily chaotic in my kitchen with seven children (some of which must have been napping at this point) enjoying the dough and paint swatches on the wall. I was still decorating that place! I had abolutely zero clue we would be living in a completely different house before Christmas.



Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

I found you from Layla's blog---and I just wanted to comment really quick about the homeschooling baking/learning lesson---I was a "first generation" homeschooler, and I can remember many hands on lessons like that one that you blogged about. Keep up the good (yummy!) work! Oh, and congrats on winning the leaf blower! Now you can keep up with the elder Jones'!


Anonymous said...

I came from Layla's blog too. We are considering homeschooling our children - but right now there are 3 under 2. Chaotic sometimes. Do you mind telling what curriculum you use. Making cookies looks like fun? I'm just wondering which curriculums have fun stuff like that!

JacciM said...
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JacciM said...

WOOPS - big typo in the last comment. Let's try, again :)

Thanks for the comments! :)

Sure, I don't mind sharing. Honestly, though, that cookie day wasn't part of our curriculum at all - just a fun excuse to make cookies. Since we were learning about the Continental Divide (with a book called Geography from A to Z - available on Amazon) it went right along w/ lessons :)

We do some activities like this, but our main curriculum does not include them. We use Ambleside Online (more info at - go to the "booklists" and "schedules" part). Just a heads up - our curriculum/method takes a lot of Mama research and commitment.

Other curricula that use more activities would be KONOS, My Father's World (only supplies elementary grades), and possibly Tapestry of Grace. Google them :) Never too early to start learning about what's available!

Hope that was helpful,

Anonymous said...

its nice to here that your 'frenzy house search' turned out to be a success and you're happy with the house. - although i live in apt (which is less complicated to pick than real house) I've had that 'frenzy apt search' experience which ended up in total disaster; apt elevator would break down every two weeks or so... and that was not such a good experience