Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing Dress Up With The Sink

Sewing the linen sink skirt

In my last post I promised we'd show you our fun idea for the kitchen sink area. Remember how filthy it used to be before Sam cleaned it up? But by the time he was done, the walls and floor beneath the sink were gleaming with glossy white paint!

I love him.

Newly painted under-the-sink area

You see, the under-the-sink-area had to be cleaned up and made spiffy in order for our next project to really work out. Were you wondering what that pile of fabric on the floor in the last pic was? It was linen :) And in a few hours at my good ole sewing machine, I turned it into...

Linen sink skirt

A sink skirt! I love it!!! (Please ignore the shiny brass curtain rod for the time being - thanks)

kitchen w/ new sink skirt

This little kitchen is finally beginning to have some personality. Even more exciting news - we ordered our bin pulls for the drawers last night! Hopefully soon I'll be showing you a few photos with the skirt's curtain rod painted to match the hinges, the last cabinet door back on (should happen tonight!), and the new bin pulls in place. Then, I think we've both decided we'd better hightail it to another room and get some painting done before the cold weather really sets in.

So, what do you think of the sink skirt? Please say something nice. It makes me smile :)


Stephen and Larissa said...

I am loving those white cabinets! The style of the doors worked out great for you guys. And it's amazing what a huge impact little things like hinges amkes. It's looking good; can't wait to see more!

Cathy said...

Jacci, how adorable. Yes,I have been lurking. lol I didn't think of u doing a skirt. I really do like it. the white cupboards with those hinges is just darling. you are making your house a home. Love, mom
Give kisses.

vintage simple said...

Jacci, your kitchen is looking great... The white paint on the cabinets makes a huge difference and the little skirt is darling. Nice job! (And thanks for the kind comments back over there - very thoughtful and sweet.)


foggogs said...

Love your kitchen. I have been toying with the idea of undertaking this project myself and after seeing your results I think I may take the plunge soon. Congrats on your leaf blower!

JacciM said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, guys :) I'm really loving the skirt. There are no windows on that side of the kitchen (obviously), and the skirt really make up for the lack of window treatments that are normally above sinks. Helps soften up all the hard surfaces.

We spray painted the curtain rod last week. Hoping to get the bin pulls on before the weekend, then I'll post another pic!

Thanks for making it fun :)


heyruthie said...

hey! i found you a few months ago--but couldn't find you again! i'm so happy that i re-found you through YHL today! i LOVE your sink skirt, and I want to make one for my own sink--even though i can't sew! i think i'll try stitch-witchery. i'll let you know how it goes!

Jacci said...

Please do, Ruthie! So glad you like it and glad John and Sherry helped you find us again! :)