Saturday, October 24, 2009

About Us

You know, I've been thinking. This is a house blog, but what fun is a house blog (or a house) without personality? And what has more PERSONality than the people that live in it? I thought it might make things a little more interesting for you all if you knew a bit about the hands you see painting and the little feet you see moving out of the way of the nail gun.


We're so great


Boy, it's pretty bad when you have to look really long and hard for a photo of the two of you together and when you finally do come up with something... this is it. But, there you go. That's me (Jacci - pronouced "Jackie") and my dear Sam. All dolled up for this summer's Vacation Bible School at our church. Now you know us a little better than before. Among other things, you now know that we don't have a lot of personal pride.

Sam & Little Dude

That's a little more representative :) This is Sam and our youngest child. On this blog, he goes by the alias Little Dude. He'll be 3 in February and he's exhausting and enchanting all at once.

Me & Little Dude

Here I am with the little guy. This was taken a few weeks before my 34th birthday.


This, friends, is Punkin - age 5 - and she is a treat.


Shug (short for Sugar), 7 years old, showing off her new teeth coming in. Lovely, honey :)


SweetP, age 8 and a half, and our eldest (the photo is from when she was 7 and a half). She and Shug are tremendously helpful and I love them to bits. Of course, we both love them all to bits :)

Exterior - Late Summer 2009

And this is our house after a little paint and sprucing up. It may not seem like we've done much, but you have to understand that the siding is yellow and the shutters had been purple. Okay, mulberry. But still.


At the time of this posting, we've been working on the house for about 7 months and one week. The first thing we did was paint the pumpkin pie walls in the kitchen.

Last bank of cabinets now underway!

And the cabinets. We did paint them all, by the way. This photo is just a "during" shot. Oh, and we painted some doors black while we were at it.


We had "pee carpet" to remove, concrete to bleach, windows to replace, and - in short - a lot of work to do. But, over the last half of a year, it's been gradually becoming more of a way to "love on our house" and make it our own instead of just drudgery... most of the time. We're hoping and trying to make this home a Home for the Better.

We hope you enjoy reading about our progress and pitfalls.

Thanks for visiting!


Stephen and Larissa said...

Thanks for sharing a little about your sweet family!!

Cathy said...

Great posts honey. Enjoyed the commentary and pictures so much. May I say those children are gorgeous! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

it's always nice to see something in a blog that shows personality behind the blog - it adds to the overall characteristic of blog and makes this online-world feel more humane :) anyhow, nice to see ur happy family!

Green Design said...
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shesnomartha said...

Saw a recent comment you made on Urban Grace and noticed you were from Ohio. Virtual High Five for Ohioans!