Monday, February 27, 2012

iPhone dump


So, how was your weekend? We had great one. I feel like we hit a good balance of getting stuff done around the house and having solid family time. Plus, we were all able to go to church together Sunday morning... which hasn't happened in weeks due to a pretty nasty respiratory virus that our friends kindly shared with us.

Thank you, again, for the encouragement after my last post. Four of you are officially pardoned from goober status. The rest of you? Well...

I promised a happier post today. And, although I do have a few house related thoughts here at the end, I thought - what's happier than a random photo dump?

Hold on to your seats!

Nice. My kids take pictures all the time now. Bonus because, obviously, that means they're getting to capture their childhood their way. Bummer because they're not going to cull the shots like I do... and this kind of raw glamour is what will make it into their photobooks as a result.

This one comes with a funny story. I'm not the most technologically "with it" gal around... not until Sam bought me this iPhone did I stop hyperventilating if someone texted me. I hate texting. Or did, anyway. But it's easy with the iPhone. Sam's the only person I ever text, though. We just keep the same text going for days and days, just replying back and forth quite a few times each day. Anyway... I was so excited when he showed me that I could text photos, too. I thought, "Awesome! How fun! I can include him in our days so easily with this!" Look, honey... lunch. Look, honey... math. Look, honey... Baby's diaper. So, one morning I had slept late-ish and he was already gone for work when I woke up. I think we had been up late the night before because I did not want to get up. And the children didn't sleep in like I had been hoping. I took this photo and hit reply... there was some message I hadn't gotten from the day before about wanting to talk about granny. Granny? Since when did he call Grandma granny? Whatever. I hit reply to send him my picture and wrote, "It's too early!"

Then I sent this one...

"Make them go back to sleeeeeeeeeep!"

He replied back right away.

"I'm sorry. I think I had the wrong number last night."

(pause in my brain)

What? What?


And I looked at the number at the top of the screen. It was not Sam's number. It was a stranger's number. I sent those pictures to a stranger!

"Eeeeek! I'm sorry! Umm... have a good day!"

I'm such a dork. Seriously. Who does that?

And how cute is this?

These were so good... and easy! Adapted from Pinterest. It's just marshmellow creme between two graham crackers with melted milk chocolate chips spread on top. The milk chocolate hardens back up after it cools. Game night at our church. They were gone lickety split!

Did I already show you this? Sam and I celebrated our 12th anniversary earlier this month. Love that guy.

Weird homeschoolers.

I'm at a tricky place right now with bathing the babe. She's way too big for the sinks, and since we put the extra deep bathtub in, trying to lean over that thing to give her a bath is murder on my back. I just won't risk hurting myself. I've tried several different options with varying success. This was fun, but not something I'll likely do again.

I usually just pop her in the bath with me. Is that weird?

There's kind of a theme emerging here. I'm not really great about waking up in the morning. They kind of have to bombard me to get me moving.

Here's my sister, Heather, and her Wumple. Heather is great with child. She always seems to make blog appearances when she's great with child. Maybe that's because this is her 3rd baby in less than 3 and a half years.

Every time they have a baby she tells me they're going to space the next one out. She hasn't quite figured out how to actually make that happen, yet, though. So stinkin' excited to meet her little guy!!!!!

Anniversary date with Sam. But, I'm not with Sam in the picture... I'm in the bathroom. Dark, dark purple bathroom. Very red lipstick. I look straight off Twilight.

She sings all the time.

Oh, look. They're waking me up, again!

Lots of Baby shots. Can't help it.

She's definitely loved.

Maybe a little too loved sometimes.

I haven't finished the redonk Lego cabinet,yet. But, I am close. There've been some... set backs.

You know, iPhone posts can get out of hand really, really quickly. Like, NOW kind of quickly. They upload so fast! It's very gratifying. And I haven't even shown you the house thing I mentioned.

Nothing big. Just a kind of realization.

I had the children paint on canvas the other week, and I wanted to hang their little masterpieces up somewhere around the house. They already have quite the gallery going on in the kitchen... you know, with the clipboards. And I had this pretty green paint and this letter M I thought I wanted to do something with...

But that looked even more redonk than my Lego cabinet thingy. The M looked pretty much EXACTLY like Michigan State. Boo. So, I took it down... the same day I put it up.

Their paintings are very sweet, but they just didn't look good there.

I was sitting at the kitchen table one day last week, looking at that wall and just thinking it wasn't working... at all. Too cutsie. Too sweet. Too KIDS KIDS KIDS, all the time, KIDS!!!!!!

ha ha.

Really, though. It was too much of all the same thing. Especially from that point of view. It needed something different. Something opposite.

The black door helped, but... so, I went downstairs and dug through a pile of dusty wall stuff and found a mirror that I still liked from our old house.

It's a kind of formal, fancypants mirror. Feminine to balance out the black door. Grownup to balance out the kids, kids, kids.

You know, then I thought about gardening. In garden design there's this really simple rule of a "pointy next to a roundy next to a spready"... or something like that. Basically, just a grouping of different, but complimentary shapes to achieve a unified and interesting whole. Here, on this wall, I had a happy next to a chic (I think) next to a fancy. The kid's art and funny print (happy) next to the chic (black door) next to the mirror (fancy).

And it worked.

Then I started thinking all over again about those design style word games of yore. But, it's late and this is quite possibly the longest post I've ever put you through. My crew is going to come bounce on my bed all too soon, so I'd better call it a night.

Have a great Monday :)


Brandi said...

I laughed out loud about texting a stranger your 'in bed' photos! Hilarious. Sounds like something I would do. And I hear ya with the last post--we lived through a full gut renovation of our house. I spent a lot of time being pretty miserable...but it is amazing to look back at that process (now that it is, um, mostly done) and see what we did as a family and how much of ourselves went into our house. Best of luck!

Deb said...

I love the photos! Imagine sending that pic to a stranger!!! You've got a great sense of humour though, I can tell.

Jess said...

Okay, I'm just gonna say it. Your baby is seriously the absolute cutest thing ever. She's so cute I totally forgot whatever else I was going to comment.

Rebecca said...

I am SO glad to know that I am not the only homeschool mom whose kids prod her out of bed in the morning. :)