Saturday, February 11, 2012

the tenth

I did it! I finally remembered to do a 10 on 10! And I actually took all ten photos in ten hours :)

What's funny is that today was such a non-representative day for me. Definitely not the way my days usually go. For one, I was alone a good part of it. That never happens during the day on a weekday. It was kind of a strange day.

Would you like to see it? I'm all hyped up on caffeine right now... it's terribly late. I should sleep now. But, here it goes!

Mom and Dad were here all night last night (and tonight, too). Daddy got up early and went to get donuts for us all. Then he and Mom read with the children while I got a shower. So nice!

1 @10:30am

Then, I got down to business.

2 @11:30am

All the baseboards got their second coat. Woot wootie! So, they are DONE.

My sister lives about a mile away, and she wanted Mom and Dad and the kids to come over for lunch so her family could see them, too. They all piled in the van and headed over to Heather's and...

3 @12:30pm

I ate my lunch alone.

In my own house.

On a Friday.

Seriously weird. And quiet. And... alone. Made me think about all the noise that usually gets to me so easily. What if it were gone?

4 @1:30pm

Then, I got ready to go to a doctor's appointment. I told you I had kidney stones last summer, right? When I was expecting Baby? Well, I had one removed two weeks ago. It really wasn't a big deal. But, they had to put a stint in to make sure no stray stone wound up blocking my urinary tract. Nice. You didn't see "urinary tract" coming when you started reading this post, did you? Anyway, so today was the day to remove the stint. I got a bottle and everything all set for Mom to get Baby down for a nap when they came home from my sister's house.

5 @2:30pm

Then I went to get a pre-appointment xray. Check that out. Is that crazy or what?! Those are my innards, people. My BONES. I always wondered what my pelvis looked like.

I hope I don't get creepy hits just because I chose to use the word pelvis just then.

They handed me the xrays and I headed down the road to my urologist's office. I had never had a urologist before this year. It's... different. I think I'm too young to "go see my urologist". I guess not, though.

He's very nice. And the office is very nice. But, you just have to understand. I'm a little ridiculous about germs in public places. Not all public places, but bathrooms? yes. hospitals. oh, goodness yes. doctor's offices? same as hospitals. yes. yes. YES.

Super freaky to me. And I might get a little excessive.

6 @3:30pm but actually more like 4pm

Part of the instructions the nurse gave me as I entered the procedure room included removing my things, putting on a hospital gown, and walking over to the exam table. In that order? Wouldn't that mean... bare feet? I asked if I could leave my socks on. She said I could, but then I thought, "What's the use in that? Just to get heebie jeebie germs all over my SOCKS and then put those SOCKS in my BOOTS and contaminate my boots and, subsequently, every new pair of socks I put in those boots EVER??!!" I really did think that. So, before I put the hospital gown on, I procurred two paper towels. I stood on them the entire time I changed into the gown and I shuffled over to the exam table with them under my sock feet. I am pleased to say that my socks never once touched that floor. A little ridiculous maybe, but highly sanitary nonetheless. Just looking at that floor makes me shudder.


After washing my hands 50 million times with hot water and using paper towels to turn doorknobs, I went to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner.

7 @5:00pm

And a treat for movie night. Those brownies there in the middle? Those triple chunk goodness delight ones? Those are the best brownies known to mankind. Worth every penny of $3.19!

8 @6:00pm

This looks nasty, but it's pretty good. My dad likes to eat Midwestern casserole type food. That just means something with cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup in it, baked with potato chips on top. Well, this had both cream of mushroom and cream of chicken but no potato chips. I'm not a casserole girl. I had to draw the line somewhere. We eat very differently than the way I grew up. Much less mixed together all in one. More fresh veggies. But, a little condensed soup never killed anyone... and since I was drowning myself in Coke Zero today, anyway - why not just revel in the processed food, too!

9 @7:00pm

Who am I kidding? It was good. It had sour cream and cheese, too. Of course it was good. We were huge pigs and ate nearly all of that big ol' pan. And then, later on, we ate a shocking amount of brownies, too. Too bad painting isn't much of a cardio burn.

10 @8:00pm

And then we had a family movie night. Attack of the Clones. I dislike that movie. It's decent once you get to the colliseum part, but before that... oh, my. Shameful that it even bears the name of Star Wars at all. My allegiance lies with the originals. This was the first time our kids had seen it. Thankfully, their reaction was pretty much what I was hoping for. Around the middle, during all of the ultra cheesy Anakin and Amidala mushy business, Punkin gave an exasperated sigh and said the movie was skunky.

It got better after that, though. And the scene with Yoda fighting Dooku is totally worth enduring the earlier parts. He's the best.

So, there's my 10 on 10! So pumped! Now, to get some sleep so I can make the most of Mom and Dad's last day with us. I'm going to paint and Sam's going to work on the bedroom.

Are you all doing anything to your houses this weekend?

Hey, and what are your thoughts on the extra huge pictures? I kind of like them. Several blogs I read make them really big like this, and I'm drawn to it. Too much? Makes scrolling a pain? Let me know.

Have a great weekend!


Holly said...

I love the picture of grandpa reading to the kids.

Angel said...

I agree, first photo is awesome.
Great story and pictures.
I really like how you write, easy flow, funny and smart.
Yikes, kidney stones suck!
Pelvis, pelvis, pelvis...
really, I'm here from 10 on 10.

Jess said...

First, your blog is really cute. Second, I like that you wrote about your day and didn't just post pictures for your 10 on 10. Third, I looooooove that you included some self portraits. Love that.

Jacci said...

Well, thank you, ladies! :) It was a lot of fun and I hope I remember to do it again. So far so good on the pelvis searches.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Love the big pictures.. and the new header :) and 10 on 10 is a great idea! I should do that... someday :)

Mommy Girl said...

what a fun set! Love to see you painting and going to the Dr. in the same day! My son's birthday is the 16th, so I get my Valentine's decor up early and take it down on the 15th so the house isn't all pink and red for his birthday!!