Sunday, February 19, 2012

Star Wars party!!!

Friday night's party was awesome! It all turned out so well, and was well worth the effort. This was for Little Dude's 5th birthday. The photos pretty much speak for themselves.

Oh, and I need to say that nearly all of my ideas came from Pinterest. Not a whole lot original going on here... except the costumes. We paused the Blueray over and over again until I got a decent sketch for each character and went from there. Several pieces started out as Goodwill finds that I cut up and altered. Little Dude's Jedi shirt was originally a petite size 4 black dress jacket! :)

Now, prepare for the jump to hyperspace...

Cake inspiration here

R2D2 cups here... lightsaber napkins here

Adorable she was.

That's it! Hoped you liked looking through the photos :) SweetP's 11th birthday party was the very next afternoon. Thankfully, her party was much less involved! I'll share those pics next.


Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I love baby yoda!!!! I almost died from her cuteness :) Looks like a really great party!!

I bet everybody is throwing ultra-fun parties all thanks to pinterest :)

Angel said...

Wow! Fantastic party and costumes! Yoda Soda, too funny.
And I thought I was doing alright by getting my son Star Wars sheets...

So awesome, great job!

Deb said...

Princess Leia and Yoda sweet are they. What a great party!