Tuesday, February 7, 2012

upstairs hall design inspiration

I'm gearing up to start my upstairs trim priming and painting. Mom and Dad come on Thursday morning... and I'm trying to psych myself up. I know I want to do this. It will look so great all bright, shiny white! I know it will be worth it. I just need to rev myself up for the days of sanding, priming, and painting.

So, I messed around on Pinterest. I've had these ideas in my head for a while, but I went through Pinterest today, just looking for photos that represented what my head had concocted. I thought it would be motivating to see the photos/ideas all together. Just waiting for a freshly painted, bright white canvas.

This is the bathroom trim, but I'm using it to represent the rest of the hallway trim... all finished!

And you've already seen this. This mirror and banner are hanging in the hall now.

This is from Pinterest. I have a large, plain corkboard that's been sitting around for forever. It held our Christmas cards last year, but that's the only job it's been given in this house so far. I've been picturing it in the hall, right outside the master bedroom. Full of all the odds and ends creative stuff that comes through our doors. Our kids draw... a lot. And are constantly giving us little tokens of love. Too many to keep them all, but I want some place to display them for a time, so the children know that they mean a lot to us.

Source: etsy.com via Jacci on Pinterest

And I want to cover the cork with this Michael Miller fabric in "charcoal". I think the gray and white dots behind all the bright colors of the kids' art will be perfect.

Source: etsy.com via Jacci on Pinterest

This print, right beside the door to the kids' bath is just right in lots of ways. For one, it introduces the wall color of the bathroom, before you actually open the door. Makes the transition from so much white to a rather bright blue less jarring.

Plus, I love it. Here's the (new!) Etsy shop.

And to bring the color over to the mirror wall, I'd like to make a slightly larger version of these...

Source: etsy.com via Jacci on Pinterest

I think it's the teacher in me. Pretty things hanging from ceilings just make me happy.

I'm going to go get dinner started now, but then I'm planning on busting out the blue tape to start taping off the bottom of the baseboards. Sam brought home some primer for me at lunchtime... just in case, but the bug never bit. I took a nap instead. Maybe now that I have this little inspiration post up, I can get moving. Excited to transform the hall!

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