Monday, April 9, 2012

first of all

You need to realize that this cake pan is very large. I'd say the cake probably had about 30 servings. No joke. Well, it's gone. Gone, people. There were only six adults here for Easter. But between yesterday and today, there is nary a crumb left.

Sam brought a treat home for me tonight. I asked him what he was trying to do to me. Don't you know my jeans are tight? He said it was okay. My jeans looked good tight.

It turned out to be pretty good. Not so good that I should've eaten half of it like I did, though. It would be an easy thing to take to a summer carry-in or something, but it's not going to knock anyone's socks off. Three stars. The vast majority of desserts I try get that rating.

Some mail-order flower seeds arrived today. They're the kind you just sow directly in the garden. It makes me so happy to see the little baby plants when they come poking out of the soil. I got all excited to plant things... but I have to wait.

Soccer season is getting in full swing this week. We've just had practices up until now, but tomorrow night marks the first game.

When we signed four of the five children up, we were kind of thinking they would all play on the same nights. We thought all the rec teams had Wednesday and Saturday game schedules. Ah, so naive. As it turns out, we will be at the soccer fields every. single. weeknight.


Getting out the door has been a learning experience. Everyone but Punkin had practice tonight, so Sam came home a little early and drove to the fields with us so he could go with Dude and I could stay with the older girls at their practice.

Dude just could not figure out why Daddy wanted him to use the door instead of scaling the backseat. Check out the 'tude with his hand.

Tomorrow is April 10th, which means I'm planning on doing another 10 on 10 post. I'm hoping to get it up before we head out for Punkin's game at six.

Now, I must rest. I've been staying up waaaay too late for the last two weeks or so. Around three every afternoon, my eyes can barely stay open. If I head to bed now, I'll actually make it before midnight!

Check in for my ten tomorrow. Then, I'm committing. A house-related post... very, very soon.

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