Friday, April 20, 2012

the weekend

Hmmm. Blogger changed things up on me. It all looks... different.

I don't like change, Blogger.

Why do you have to mess with me?

Thanks, guys, for the sweet comments on the shelves and the pictures with Baby. She's such a little doll. She'll be eight months this coming week. Eight months! Want to hear something really crazy? When our oldest child, SweetP, was eight months... we found out we were expecting her sister. Wildness. It didn't seem so crazy at the time, actually. But, I was looking at Baby today and thinking... man, 16 months apart is nuts! And, no. This not all leading up to "news". Baby's still the baby.

So, what are you going to be up to this weekend? Tonight, we're going to watch some friends in a play, then soccer, soccer, soccer, all morning and early afternoon Saturday. I'm sure we'll get to something on the room. But, this soccer schedule - although totally worth it - is really eating up the weekends.

Last weekend, Sam took Friday afternoon off - just to do some extra work on the house.

He finished painting the last wall and wrapped up the second coat on the last of the trim. (Paint is SW "Buoyant Blue").


He also sanded down all the shelves for both closets.

There are a lot of shelves.

Primed them, and painted them late Friday night. I know. He's such a keeper.


He got quite a lot done. We still have to paint the opposite sides of the shelves, stain and poly the closet rods, prime and paint the closet doors, choose and install lighting for inside each closet, and switch out the dingy old cream-colored outlets for white. And then, they can move in.

I asked. They don't want to move in until it's really, truly done.

Such patience.

I'm hoping we can grill out this weekend, but we'll see. And I would love to get around to painting my nails. It seems like it's been forever. I don't like to mess with it when I'm painting a lot. What's the point? But, I really liked the bronze-goldish color I bought last fall. I'm in the mood for a little metallic nail action.

Do you have anything exciting going on tonight? Later this weekend?

I just realized it's supposed to be raining here on Saturday. Maybe that means the games will be cancelled. More likely, the older two will still have to play, and the rest of us will crowd into the open trunk of the van to watch them get sopping wet.


Have a great weekend!


~Jess said...

I like that shade of blue! Especially against the white.

Nothing exciting going on here....we closed the doors on our business yesterday, today we started cleaning out all the equipment. Tomorrow we'll hopefully work on stuff around the house and work on the fence a bit more.

I laugh at people and the having babies close in's not the end of the world (not that you said it was). So many people think "oh my gosh" when they see people with kids close in age.

Now 3 kids minutes apart and 2 years and 2 months apart from the oldest...that's hilarious!

Brandi said...

I also love the blue! So pretty. And I was also very upset with blogger the other day...change ruffles my feathers. Hope you had a great weekend.