Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Target, my second home (and ETC)

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I live at Target.


My children, especially the two oldest girls, are growing like mad. A couple of months ago, they both very suddenly outgrew all their jeans. Over night. At the same time. They wear the same size, so there are no hand-me-downs to rely upon. I had to make emergency runs to Old Navy and Target. ASAP.

Sometimes I take the children clothes shopping with me. All of them. But, I only do that when I feel like I need a super-shot of sanctification by trial. I can't think of a whole lot that completely exhausts me more than taking all five children to Target so my 11 year old daughter can try on jeans. Heaven help us all.

So, when my people have to try on clothes, I try to take just one or two if I can.

I'm usually pretty strict about store behavior. I admit it. I'm a "don't touch" mom. When they were all little I'd even have designated spots for them. This one in the cart seat. This one on the end of the cart. This one walking beside me hand on the cart. No yelling. No rolling around on the floor. Definitely no walking away. It might sound harsh, but it was so much more pleasant for everyone this way. Friends would ask how I took 4 children under 6 to run errands with me. Well, this is how. I'd just be a complete control freak.

It worked for me.

It has relaxed a little as they've gotten older, but there's still very little room to let anyone get rowdy when we're all out together. It escalates quickly. So, the rules are still the rules.

All that to say, I have some target pictures for you. I love my iPhone. I would never take my massive camera into Target at 9 o'clock at night, but the phone? Totally taking pictures with it... unashamedly. This particular night, I just had SweetP and Shug with me. It was rather late when we headed out and not many folks were around. I wasn't feeling the need for so much restraint.

They caught on quickly.

Trying to walk past the televisions in the dvd section. Does this happen to you, too?

They were having a blast. It reminded me of my sister and I acting like complete dorks in stores when we were kids. I have very fond memories of the two of us publicly humiliating ourselves.

They kept it up the whole way home, too. We were in Sam's car (which is a total treat for them by itself) and I let them roll down the windows and stick their heads out. You would've thought I gave them a ride in a limo. They thought I was just THE best. The whole 10 minute drive home they were yelling and carrying on and singing at the top of their lungs. Goofballs. They did wear their seatblets, by the way. Always. We were still in the parking lot in that last photo, and I had SweetP come over to Shug's side just for the pic.

It was a great night. Bonding, even. You gotta live a little, right?

I hope they remember pushing each other down the aisle at top speed at least as much as they remember marching single file down the toilet paper aisle with their hands folded.

ha ha.

You think I'm kidding.


Brandi said...

Hilarious. I totally remember knocking a jar off the shelf in the supermarket when I was little-- goofing around with my brother pushing me on the cart. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I live there too! Just in a different location :)

~Jess said...

What is it about going to stores at night the releases the inner wild-child in us all?! Our closest Target is 1 hr away!

Deb said...

I just wish we had Target stores here. I guess we're getting them in a year or two. I can't wait! You and your girls are so cute.

Janel said...

Those are for sure lasting memories! You are living life to the fullest. :)