Wednesday, April 25, 2012

soccer mom (ETC)

I think I've already mentioned that four of the five children are on soccer teams right now. Baby decided to sit the season out. Thankfully, Shug and Punkin are on the same team. That simplifies the schedule immensely. And this is rec soccer... no traveling. That's huge. It's all teams from within our city league. Lower key, but still fun and great for the kids.

Soccer mom. Posing like a cheeseball in my folding chair on the sidelines. Photo courtesy of Punkin, age 7. That's my ride right behind my head.


It doubles as a tent on rainy game days. (This was fun... at first.)

Sam is all about the games. Rain or shine, man. I watch, too. I do. I just watch a little less... intently. And less... in the rain. Half the time I'm wrangling the other kids. I have a general idea of the score. I try to watch my own kiddos bouncing around on the field. But, I don't really have a good handle on the actual rules or strategy of soccer. Not really a sports person.

But I love my kids.

Sam loves his kids, too, of course. Bonus for him that he is totally into soccer for soccer's sake.

I get distracted and start playing with my iPhone. Wake up, Baby!

From time to time, I look around and figure out what's going on. You know, yell out a "good job" or "woo hoo!". Like I'm all engaged.

I love that they love it.

And I love them.


True to Soccer Mom Form, I keep a big blanket in the back of the van, water bottles, and peanut butter cheese crackers. Especially for my boy. The first few soccer days, I didn't have enough food stashed away. Soccer Mom Novice Alert. Dude had total meltdowns on the way home more than once. Complete spazzo city. This child needs food when he needs food.

He's a different boy with a little sumpin sumpin in his tummy.

Last night, Dude had a game (undefeated so far!) and Shug and SweetP had practice. Tonight, Punkin has a game. Friday night = no games! So, Sam and I are going out for sushi. My sister's baby is almost 8 weeks old now, and she's ready to start date night swapping again. Hallelujah to that one. Saturday... four games. Starting bright and early at the fields by 8:30am.

It's all been worth the hustle and bustle so far. But, maybe you can help me out. I have had two scheduling issues since the season began that we're still working through. Our practices/games usually start at 5:45pm or 6. This will be our schedule until the beginning of June. I would really, really like to still eat dinner as a family at least most nights, but Sam just can't get home before these times. So far, I've been giving the kids really big snacks before we leave the house and then trying to have a quick idea for dinner to eat all together when we get home... it's pushing 7:30 some nights. The most successful dinners so far have been a baked potato bar, chicken salad with cut up fresh fruit and veggies, and Mexican chicken that cooked while we were gone and then I shredded it and we had chicken soft tacos. BUT - I'm usually hurting for ideas. Calling all soccer moms... and volleyball moms, and basketball moms, and track moms, etc. How do you do family dinners in the midst of your children's sports seasons?

And, the second dilemma is, how on earth do you get to the grocery store when every evening is full??? This has been an unexpected glitch for us. By the time we get home, eat, and get the kids in bed, it's around 9. It's dark by then, and I'm not really into going to the grocery alone at night. As I type this, Sam is going for me. He's at the grocery store at 10:45pm. Saturday is booked up tight. Not sure there's a better way, but if y'all have ideas, let me hear 'em!

That's all. Thanks for stopping by! Linking up with Emily :)


Deb said...

First let me thank you for all your paint colour help.
Your children are so cute and photogenic. Major modeling career here? I don't know if you like them, but slow cooker dinners are a good thing. Would you dare take everyone to the grocery store during the day? Probably not! I'm sure you'll work it out, I feel for you!

Jacci said...

I know. We *used* to go to the store during the day... my kids are pretty good shoppers. But, if I do that, we have a cuh-razy afternoon. We have the 3 older ones in 5th, 4th, and 1st grade, and it's really tough to give up an afternoon of schoolwork, especially considering we already give up Thursday afternoons for housework.

Our pre-soccer gorcery schedule was to go on Tuesdays at 4pm. After nap. That way Brother and Baby still got the rest they need and we could go and get back in time to start dinner.

I'm busting out the corckpot (slow cooker) tonight. Pork roasts were on sale, so we're doing BBQ pork sandwiches.

Thanks, Deb :) You're so great.

Brandi said...

I love going to the grocery store at night and alone :). And we like to picnic when we can. I'll usually feed everyone at home with time, but I sometimes bring along for the hubby...meatloaf sandwich, potatoe salad, etc. Sometimes I like the hectic rush, bit I'm always glad when summer slowdown comes!

Jacci said...

I'm skeerdy cat, Brandi. We don't live in a shady town, but I'm still a wimp about shopping in the dark!

My husband would LOVE meatloaf sandwiches!

Rebecca said...

When my girls were in soccer, I had the same issue! It was my least favorite thing about the sport. I only had 3 playing and 2 had practices at the same field on the same days, so that was convenient. I gave them a big snack (most of the time mini pizzas: whole wheat english muffins with pepperoni & cheese) before practice or a game. I tried to have dinner all prepped so it was ready to be thrown together when we got back. Our go to meals are homemade chili (my husband's recipe), tacos, and grilled chicken. I love my crockpot, but finding recipes that are healthy and yummy has been a challenge. My family is a bit picky! lol Pinterest has helped some with that.
As for shopping, I've never found a perfect time for that. :( I'm going to try Sunday after church. We have an 8:30 service, so we can go and be done by lunch.

Boni Lady said...

Found you through Emily's Embrace the Camera! I can totally relate to the soccer mom life! ALTHOUGH, I am stressed with only one playing so far! Pathetic, right? I keep secretly hoping that my other three kids won't want to be involved in anything outside the home... how on EARTH do you juggle that many involved in stuff??!! More power to you!! Be blessed :)

Jacci said...

thanks for the comments :) BoniLady - we didn't do *any* extracurriculars when all of our children were small. Our oldest was in 4th grade before we ventured much into the world of out-of-home activities. They were in little things here and there... a girls Bible study, church stuff, but nothing really beyond. We just couldn't do it. But, we're not in the stage of everyone being under 8 now. It's MUCH different. Even with a baby, it's just night and day how different it is with slightly older kids. And my husband meets us at the fields after work most nights, especially if we have more than one child playing.

~Jess said...

My husband and I were both soccer players. I look forward to the kids playing, but not necessarily every Saturday morning spent at the soccer field.

Looks like you guys were having a lot of fun =)