Friday, April 27, 2012

a little something for the dude

This doesn't reeeeeeeally warrant an entire post all to itself.

It's just a quick project I did for Little Dude this afternoon.

Another addition to the bedroom he shares with his sister.

Not this sister - this is Shug. Dude shares his bedroom with one of his other sisters, Punkin.

Shug was just jumping in the photos and talking smack to him.

So, he pinned her.

Anyway, I was taking these pictures to show you the bottom of the top bunk there. All flowery. Dude sleeps in the lower bunk, which means he looks at that Mattress-y Bower every time he gets in bed. I thought that would probably be worth changing for him.

I had an idea of what to do, but I couldn't find the fabric I wanted.


Etsy came through... again. And made me the coolest mom ever.

This is Dude explaining how the Millenium Falcon jumps to hyperspace. In case you were wondering.

Sorry. Not sure exactly which ship he's personifying here.

Or here.

But, apparently, they are all awesome.

I asked him to give me two thumbs up, and this is what he gave me instead...

Sweet boy.


Deb said...

That's a great idea. He's a lucky little boy to have a thoughtful mom like you.

Rebecca said...

That is an awesome idea! My girls bunks have cardboard covering the mattress frame so you don't see the mattress and when my little artist slept on the bottom bunk she drew on it so she'd have something pretty to look at! lol

~Jess said...

Love it! Growing up my brother and my bunk beds had outer space on the mattress and box spring.