Friday, April 13, 2012

it's helping

Thanks so much for the feedback yesterday. It's helping.

I'm still thinking through your comments, showing different options to my clients (ha ha), and being nerdy about the colors. Again.

Get this. After showing the children some rug choices today, they both said they'd rather keep the town map rug. Brother even admitted to me that he only said he didn't like the town rug because he was hoping he could get a castle rug, instead. And when Punkin saw all the "design-y" options I had lined up, she quickly recanted, too. Now the town rug is a-okay with them both.

For now.

This is real life with children.

So, there may or may not be a rug purchase in our near future. I'm not at all into choosing some 300 dollah rug just to have them turn around and tell me the $15 dealy from IKEA was better.


About that aqua, though. (It is not turquoise, by the way. It's greener than turquoise. I'm not sure I even like the color. It's very, very bold). But, about the aqua... I know there are already polka dots on the duvet covers, but I wondered if this Michael Miller fabric might be part of the aqua shelf solution?

It's Ta Dot in Ocean. All the Ta Dots are my absolute favorite fabrics right now. The chenille blankie in the family room is Ta Dot Stone.

I don't know. Maybe. I think I might try to track down a sample. See where it falls on the aqua/turquoise spectrum.

Can I just say that I thought a whole lot today about many other things than the colors in this bedroom? They didn't cross my mind until the children were all in bed, Sam was reading a book, and I plopped down with my laptop. Now that it's quiet and time to unwind... I'm thinking about them. But it's not like I walk around murmuring aqua nonsense all day. The murmuring only started just now.

Around an hour ago, I was piddling around on Powerpoint - because I have no fancy pants software - and being a really serious nerd with these colors.

I broke all the colors down and put them together like this to help me "see" them better. The shades are not exact... the green is too vivid... the yellow too dark. But, more or less representative.

I had a crazy amount of fun. I need to get out more.

But, I think my nerdiness may have paid off. There may be something clicking in this tired old brain.

I'll share more next week.

Have an awesome, awesome weekend!


Renae said...

Have you seen this print? You read Meg so I assume so. Anyway, thought this might be helpful pulling in some different colors into their room:

Here's a source for rugs that maybe they can decide on:,default,sc.html

I really like the chenille rugs! Good luck!

Jacci said...

Thank you, Renae! Why do I *always* forget about The Company Store? Someone will mention it in a blog post and I'll think "I need to remember that site" and I visit it, but don't buy anything, and then I forget about it until someone else mentions it. I'm going to check out your link right now!

And - Katie Daisy? I think she's going to find her way in to SweetP and Shug's bedroom :) I really like the yellows she uses with the pale aqua of their room.


Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I'm laughing at your kids' change of heart on the rug! A castle rug? :) :) :) :)