Sunday, November 18, 2012

brother sister shared bedroom (again)

Lots of rooms I really like in inspiration photos have a look that seems to be collected over time. I'm gonna roll with how long it's taking me to finish this bedroom and just start saying it's on purpose. I'm purposefully letting it collect over time...

Chic like that.


I know a room is never really done. We tweak and mess with it all. New things come for Christmas or birthdays. Old things break and have to be replaced. A home is (hopefully) not static. By virtue of the life lived within its walls, change is a given.

So, I know I won't really "finish" this room. But, I am getting close to getting my to-do list for it crossed off. Just a few more touches!

Little Dude (5) and Punkin (now 8!) share this room. They've added some rather festive touches of their own. They asked me to take pictures of the room last week after they had cleaned it up. So, while Baby was napping and they were having rest & read time, I snapped a few shots.

Here are a few peeks at bedroom 3 these days.

It's not exactly what I had envisioned (obviously). But they are putting their own ideas into their bedroom... and I definitely like that. Punkin gets the credit for the rainbow arch idea. So cute.

We ditched the rug in here altogether. After all that time spent trying to decide on a replacement, really, I think it just looks better without one. There's so much going on in this room already. More pattern and color just wasn't needed.

I'm liking this room. I'm thankful they can have a clean, bright, cheery, cozy place to sleep at night. I'm thankful I could give Punkin even more pink. She still wants a pink afghan for the foot of her bed...

I'm thankful it's coming together. Almost at a close. Lots of blessings. These two hooligans, especially.

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Jules said...

Hi! I would love to know where you got your bunk beds!!