Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Embrace the Camera: November 15

Embracing the Camera today with Emily and a very unenthused small child.

Do you see this not working?

And yet I kept trying. Never one to give up too easily.

Poor child.

In other news...

So, I knew changing the blog URL was going to do a number on the ol' stats. But, ouch.

Like, really.


Maybe I shouldn't have peeked at Google Analytics today.


Jessa said...

I always thinks it's kinda cuter when they don't play along. Or maybe that's what I tell myself since mine almost never do. What a cutie!

Danielle said...

Ha! She is so cute though!! Yeah, I try to forget about analytics as much as possible!

Amber said...

Still adorable though

MommaBBabyboy said...

She still looks cute, even when she's grumpy! Beautiful shots! Xxx

kristin said...

Ohhh my gosh, still so precious, though! ...and what fun pictures to have to look back on. :)

stephanievarno said...

Beautiful mama and baby! These are adorable!! I need to do some in front of the mirror with my little one too!