Thursday, November 29, 2012

making home {photo project} 2

The other day, on another blog, someone asked the question, "What treasure do you love most in your home?"

I honestly had never really stopped to think about that before.

I had to think for a while. And even after thinking for a while, I still hadn't come up with much. I asked the children to help a gal out. Each one of them said the same thing... I asked, "What do you think I treasure most in this house? What would make me so sad to lose?" And they all smiled and said, "ME!"

Well, that about made me cry. And for 30 seconds, I felt like maybe I was getting something right after all.

It's true, though. In our house, my kids and my husband are just about the only treasures I really, really care about. Sure, I definitely enjoy other parts of this home... the things. I am thankful for them. I would miss some of them if they were gone. I count them as blessings, without a doubt.

But I do not count them as treasures.

I did think, later on, that my photos, journals, and notes/art from the kids probably top the list. Super homey. Especially the little notes & drawings.

Here are my (belated) Making Home photos from last week. A few shots of our home as it is now. For encouragement... to remind myself that the house isn't all torn up trim and exposed drywall.

And, also, this week... to remind myself of what gives our home heart. The life lived in it.

Those last two are sneakity peeks into Baby's nursery. It's sooooo close to done. Some fabric arrived in the mail today for 2-3 last sewing projects. Then some photo prints need to go up and I'm calling 'er done. I'll share more photos when we wrap it up!


Danielle said...

I am loving seeing peeks around your house. I am nosy like that :)

nanato6 said...

Hi, honey! I finally did it (signed in)! I love the photos and you write so beautifully. Take care, give kisses and see you next Friday! Love, mom