Thursday, November 8, 2012

Heads up: NEW URL!

When Shug was teeny, any and every time she got excited about something, she would yell out the same thing...

Actually, even when she was moderately pleased she would say it.

It kind of summed up, in one word, all of her energy, enthusiasm, and joyfulness.

When I think of that word, I think of her. 20 months old. Curly, blonde hair. Huge blue eyes. Ornery grin.


"Come to the table for snack girls."


"We're getting pizza for dinner!"


"Grandma and Grandpa are here!"


Lots of woohooies. Lots of in-the-moment, carefree, genuine joy in living.

I like woohooie.

I like what it means.

So, I'm just giving you a heads up that I'm changing the blog name. And URL. To, you guessed it... Woohooie.

As soon as I can make a new header, anyway. - 'kay?

I just wanted to let you know. Because even though "Home for the Better" is saying goodbye, I'd really like to know that you won't.

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