Sunday, November 11, 2012

thirty seven

And just like that, I'm OLD.

Seriously, you guys. I'm getting really close to forty, which, my children inform me is when you are officially no longer "young". I guess I could be thankful I'm still technically in the young category for the time being. But... 37? Shouldn't I be mature by this point or something?

So, the blog is all changed up now. Obviously.

I realized that - as I had suspected might be the case - all previous links to homeforthebetter floating around out there in bloggyland do not magically convert to the new address. I've pretty much lost any and all traffic that might have come from those links. Pinterest. 10 on 10s. Embrace the Cameras... no linky love is left.

All for Woohooie.

What do you all think of this new newishness? I'm still tweaking things here and there, and probably will be for the rest of the month. 'Til it gets the way I like it. But, what do you think? Kinda dumb or kinda rad?


Phyllis said...

I've missed you! I think I didn't even know about one of your moves; I was still checking Understanding Charlotte!

I love all the newness, but I'll just have to turn off the Russian part of my brain. Your new title sounds like a very bad word. :-P But your explanation is so cute and sweet! So, I'll go with that. I'll just imagine your little sweetheart, instead of anything else.

Heather said...

Yup, what Phyllis said. (Except that I don't speak Russian.) I still had Understanding Charlotte on my Google Reader just in case you started posting there again. :-)

Sherrie Fennell said...

you are the coolest mom I know....

Jacci said...

Wow - Phyliss & Heather! SO great to hear from you both!!! Heather, your blogger profile wouldn't let me see your info, otherwise I would have come to comment on your blog. Phyliss, I tried your blog link, but it just spun the little wheely thing forever. I'll try again!

Sherrie - you crack me up. Puh-lease! ha ha. But your encouraging spirit is VERY sweet :D