Friday, November 30, 2012

Insta Friday = Phone Dump! (+ ETC)

We are totally in full blown Christmas mode here, so it seems kind of weird to back track with a November phone dump. The beginning of November and the end of November are completely different from one another, aren't they? November starts like Hey, it's Fall and finally chilly enough for gloves and boots and it ends with Christmas lights and Jingle Bells. And a few extra pounds from all the festivities, but let's just not say anymore about that.

So... Fall. Can we give it one last hurrah?

Because I love it.

It kicked my tail in all kinds of ways this year (Soccer Season, why so merciless?), but it's still my favorite season. Love it!

The kids and I went for a little hike out of the blue one day, and this was my footwear. Make it work.

I know. I have twinkly lights beside my head and I'm looking at candy corn at the same time. It's blowing my mind. Is it Fall or is it Christmastime? Or can it be BOTH?

And you've tried this combo, right? Right?! The peanuts with the Indian Corn is my favorite duo. Indian Corn is a blessing and a gift.

Trader Joe's Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper. With a "grown up" grilled cheese made with pesto and Italian cheese blend (preshredded... I'm okay with that). Put garlic croutons in your soup. You will LOVE it. And me.

Of course, as always happens in mid-November in Ohio, there was a lovely, lovely warm snap. And the shorts busted out. And the sunscreen. Crazytrain. So, we played hookey from school all week long and called it Fall Break.

It took five children, a looooong day outside, and a very clean park for me to allow this unseemly practice. Drinking fountains freak me out only a little less than hotel bedding does.

Oops! You MISSED!

Either I'm talking too much or I've gone far too long between phone dumps. This post is getting long. Less commentary. More photos...

Embracing the Camera. Boom. Didn't even plan that. Link up!

More Embracing... and squirrel crashing.

(There is an app for EVERYTHING).

I'm still talking.

I was supposed to just post photos. Less talking. But, it's stupid late and I've had entirely too much caffeine. Isn't this fun?

I think that should be a new strategy of mine. To only blog whilst hyped up on caffeine and sugar. This blog might go places.

This was taken on my birthday. 37... thanks for asking. I think my birthday might be a pretty major reason why Fall is my favorite season.

Yes. My birthday and googly eyed turkeys. (Artistic credit belongs to my niecey weesies, LuLu and Wumple). Wumple likes eyes. A lot.

The End!

How long do you wanna bet it's going to take me to fall asleep tonight? I drank a cup of coffee at around 2 this afternoon because I needed to paint some closet doors instead of take a nap (unfun) and then a Coke Zero at 6:30pm.

Yes, I am an idiot.

AND linking up for the first time with Jeanette at Life Rearranged.

life rearranged


Sarah said...

Hi! Girlfriend you rock! Totally, 100%, stopped by because of your Coke zero thumbnail. :) {I think we're kindred spirits!}
Looks like you had a great fall. Nice to "meet" you via Jeannett.
Sarah @ limemadedesigns dot com

Sarah said...

Hi! Girlfriend you rock! Totally, 100%, stopped by because of your Coke zero thumbnail. :) {I think we're kindred spirits!}
Looks like you had a great fall. Nice to "meet" you via Jeannett.
Sarah from limemadedesigns dot com

Sarah said...

Ugh. Sorry about the double comment. Kids interrupted!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

First time here and your blog is so fun! And it is making me hungry...I love candy corn and peanuts. Yum! And that soup + grilled of my favorite meals. :) Visiting from Life Rearranged!

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Hilarious!! This is how I felt about my instaFriday post, too!! And I've had no caffeine yet! Sad. Anyhoo, so much to *Amen*on your post... Like the ikea jelly, and Ohio in general, and the adorable turkeys, and the coke bottle pic reminding me of Buddy the Elf!!! lol

Anne said...

Please keep your posts long. Then I'll have some company. Because I like to take pics. And I can't just not say anything about them. Right? Anyways, your post made me miss fall/winter in Ohio when putting up Christmas stuff felt way too premature. Although, in Minnesota this morning, I did notice a skeleton on my way to work and my mind kinda blew up. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Have a great week!

Sarah said...

Ok. So i got your sweet comment last friday on my insta friday post, and ick. My comments are not working. At all. Like it looks like no one has commented ever in the history. {sigh}
So here's what I said back, and still looks like should be there but really isn't showing up on the page:

Thank you! Yours are awfully cute, too! And the craft paints – Joe came home from The Home Depot on Black Friday with them. He gets me. HA!

Faith said...

Seriously LOVE this post!!! That mug, your coffee, the beautiful fall colors :) thanks so much for stopping by my blog today - I'm so happy to have found yours!! I need to do an insta-dump soon. I'll remember to drink some coffee and eat a donut before I do ;)