Tuesday, November 13, 2012

yummy birthday breakfast

As our kids have gotten older, they've started having certain expectations regarding my birthday. They want to do something special for me... take part in the celebration in a bigger way than just making me a card. In the past, Sam and I have just celebrated my birthday with a date... something special for just the two of us. But, then the children felt left out of the joy. They wanted to say Happy Birthday, too!

Since it's kind of tricky for Sam to help the kids with anything during the week, we've adopted the nearest Saturday morning as the appointed time for a Birthday Breakfast.

The children all get to help make some part of the meal. And they set the table and make it pretty. I get to sleep in. Very nice.

Thank you, Sam :)

The children all think it's very special, they get to show their love for me, and I get to feel loved. Wins all around.

Of course, the kitchen looked like this afterward...

But, Sam was a sweetheart and cleaned it all up.

Very sweet birthday gift. I'm still adjusting to being 37. These things don't usually seem like a big deal to me, but the last two birthdays have been very... introspective. Time really does go so quickly.

I thought maybe some of you were wondering if I plan on showing house projects ever again on this blog. The answer is... yes. Yes, I plan on sharing house projects. I also plan on doing a little house version of the photo project I did this past year. My goal is 5 photos a week of our home... just as it is. Kind of an extended version of the 2012 house tour. I'm hoping it will encourage me to love this place more, bumps and all.

I'll post the first five photos this Friday.

See ya!

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