Thursday, March 1, 2012

can you believe it?

He's here.

A leap year baby!

Born February 29th at 5:52pm.

Both he and my sister are doing wonderfully, and I get to see them both later today! :) Amazing.

One of the best parts is my sister labored at my house for almost the whole day. Not a best part because she labored all day. Best part because it was here. It was such a blessing to get to share that with her. This is the eighth baby between the two of us and we have never been together when either of us has been in labor. So, this was new. And precious. I got to time her contractions and write them on our chalkboard door.

When I took that picture I thought, "I'm never going to get rid of this door." Being with her all day really meant a lot to me. It was a beautiful day... crazy warm. So, we let the children play outside on the driveway with chalk and scooters while I held Baby and Sissy sat in a folding chair... in early labor. SweetP asked to play around with Hipstamatic on my phone. I'm so glad I said yes!

The very last tummy shot!

When Heather left my house, her contractions were still 10 minutes apart, but very regular and pretty stinkin uncomfortable. I buckled her girls in their carseats, we waited until a contraction finished, and then she headed across the neighborhood to her house to put them down for naps. I wondered if that was a good plan... but it all turned out okay. She called me not long after - maybe an hour later - to tell me she had just called our parents and they were on their way. Half an hour after that (with mom and dad en route) she called to say she couldn't wait for them and asked me to come over so they could go to the hospital. So, all 5 kids and I loaded into the van faster than lightning and excitedly drove over. Two hours after that, my brother-in-law called to tell me I was Mimi all over again. This time to a precious, perfect little BOY :)

Babies are so wonderful, aren't they?

Pictures coming as soon as I can get my hands on his soft little newborn baby body.

Love. Love. Love.


And now, for a little of my own sweet baby.

Girl has been waking up at night lately. Like she's ready for solids. Trouble is, she pretty much HATED the rice cereal I attempted to give her.

Not a success.

So, we're troubleshooting. And waking up. On this night, she was up at midnight...

More iPhone pics. I know. Grainy. Poor focus. Bad quality.

But, I love these.

Snuggle bug.

Linking up to Emily :)

p.s. house update coming very, very soon - for realz!


Brandi said...

So exciting--a leap year baby! And getting to be with your sister through her labor. That would be pretty special. Congrats to you and your family!

Deb said...

I'm so happy for you and your sister! Your little one is so sweet. She'll get the hang of the cereal.

Angel said...

What a sweet blessing for you and your sister!

Also, those pics of you and your baby were taken at midnight?? Dang, you look good. Just beautiful.

~Jess said...

Congratulations to your sister and her family!

Great pictures of you and your littlest :-0

emily anderson said...

leap day baby! congrats to your sister :)

sweet pics of you and your babe. seriously sweet.

quick question---did you make that olive you pillow? i'm pretty sure i have that pinned on my pinterest, cause you know, i need that pillow. where is it from?!

jane said...

leap year baby! how fun!