Monday, March 26, 2012

help a girl out

I am having some blog drama.

And I need some feedback style help.

So, two quick questions for you all.

#1 - Lately, I've been seeing my posts all seriously whacked out on my own computer. Like, the words are beside the photos and there are only about two letters per line, basically making the text run vertically. Impossible to read. And very aggravating. But, get this - it's fine on my phone! And it's fine on Sam's computer. What gives? I'm wondering, have any of you seen the posts all wonky this way? Or is it just like that on my own computer for some weird reason?

#2 - I scheduled the previous post to publish this morning without me. I know it published, but I'm wondering if it showed up in anyone's feed. Can anyone tell me if it worked out okay?

#3 - I'm throwing one more in there. I've wondered this one for a while. I try to proofread before I publish a post, really I do. But, sometimes (okay, almost ALWAYS!) something slips by me and I don't notice it until after the post is up. So, I go back and edit it and republish it. When I do that, does it go into a reader or feed twice? Because if it does, sometimes I'm putting out feed 4x for one stinkin' post. And I know that has to be aggravating to you guys!

(a lovely candlelit meal of meat and salad dressing)

#4 - Phooey! I thought of one more. Now I'm way over two questions. But, tonight, I left a comment responding to my dear mother's comment. And I had to enter those annoying code letter thingies! I didn't know blogger started making people do that to leave a comment! Do you have to enter a code to comment, and if you do, does anyone have any idea if I can turn that option off?

(yes, I let them wear swimsuits in March. It was in the mid 80s here!)

Sorry. Big times housekeeping post. Random photos thrown in just for you, though.

Now, can you help a girl out with answers to any of these questions?


SUH-WEET!!!! I'm super pumped! I think I got the word verification madness off. Those things drive me bonkers. I have to focus so hard to get the letters right! But I think it's GONE.

But what about the other questions? In case you didn't already know. I'm a bit technologically challenged. ha.


Melissa said...

1. No problem with the formatting on my computer.
2. Your post showed up in my Google Reader this morning.
3. It only showed up in Reader once for me.
4. Yes, I do have to do the code. No idea how to turn it off--I moved my blog to Wordpress. ;)

Sam said...

I LOVE this post, it seriously changed my life. Please include it in your book;)

- me

mom said...
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mom said...

BTW when I did the name option I did not have to do the word codes.I never seemed to get them right. Glad I figured that out.

Anonymous said...


mom said...

I also did the anonymous and did not have to do the words. I'm out of here I am getting slap happy. love mom

Deanna said...

1. Your posts always look great format wise.
2. If the precious post is titled "color and sunshine" - then, yes, it did show up in my reader. :)
3. Your posts only show up once.
4. This is my first comment on your blog (Hi! Really enjoy reading it!), will find out in a moment if I need to do the code. Also, there is a blog titled bloggingwithamy that contains a plethora of information regarding blogging.

Deanna said...

Didn't need to enter a code.

Emily said...

Your posts look fine :)

Heather said...

I'm not sure, but I think having a code before entering a comment prevents you from getting spam posts. I may be way off though, but i thought that is what they were for.

Deb said...

Your posts show up fine on my computer. I think they only turn up once even though you correct them. (I hope so cause I do it all the time!)

Jessica J. said...

1. Formatting looks fine to me both on your site and through my reader.
2. Yep, I saw your post in Google Reader.
3. Nope, I only see your posts once in my reader (also, I'm not 100% sure but I think if you edit them, Google actually updates the post in my reader if I haven't read it yet)
4. I don't see a code I have to enter, but I'm a first time commenter.

~Jess said...

Shows up fine on my computer and laptop, and I did get the previous post in my google reader. Nope it doesn't show up multiple times. And we do have to do the code things...go under comments on your dashboard you can change it there.

Great pictures!

Jacci said...

Awesome! Thanks so much, guys! Your answers were all super helpful, and it was really fun to hear from some of you who have been reading but haven't commented before. It's nice to "meet" you :) Hope to hear from you, again.

Sipping some truvia cocoa now, then heading up for a hot shower and bed. Good night!