Monday, March 26, 2012

color and sunshine

On the way home from the farm the other day, we stopped at a public children's garden. We hadn't visited in a while, and we had an hour or two to spare since the baby animal thing had pretty much been a complete bust.

I was really struggling to work with my camera in the bright sunlight that day. It was glaringly bright. Very harsh light for photos. Doggonit. It was SUCH a gorgeous day, and the children's garden is so beautifully designed... even without plants.

I kept trying. You don't learn anything by giving up, right? I think I'll learn a lot more about shooting in manual in these kinds of conditions as the warm weather months continue.

I hope so anyway. Tips, anyone?

Anyway, back to the garden.

I only wound up with a handful of decent pistures. These were my favorites from the day...

A little shot of color to make your day brighter.

Have a good one!

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