Monday, March 19, 2012

House Tour 2012: Bedroom 2 (SweetP and Shug's Room)

Annoying. Blogger is being strange. strange. strange. This post looked perfect in the "preview post" window and all the html is fine, but the published post is all super wonky. Hopefully, it will be a bug they fix. Otherwise, I'm going to have to fiddle with it - which I cannot do right now or even this morning. Sigh. So, hopefully, you can read this!


Wow. I took a lot of pictures of this house.


Originally, I was going to show you the entire upstairs all in one post. Then, I thought no, that's too much, I'll save the master bedroom and bathroom for a second one. Then, on Saturday morning, the sun was happily shining and I started snapping away. Way too many photos for just one post... or even two.

So, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to post three different posts today. One in the morning, one around lunchtime, and one later in the afternoon. And - I think - one a day after that until Friday(?). That way you don't have to wait for annoyingly long posts to load up and you don't have to fall asleep wading through my bajillion pictures of star banners and stuffed animals.

Sound good?

Okay. House Tour 2012!!! Par Tay!

Let's start with bedroom 2. We finished the first layer in this room almost exactly a year ago. You can see it all new and pretty here.

It started out, though, like this...

With a hole in the beat door, like this...

Then, a little over two years ago now, it looked more like this...

At first, right after moving in, we had Little Dude's crib in here. But, then he broke it jumping up and down one day. I know. Not cool. It was the side rail that broke, too. Interesting, considering now they don't make cribs with slide-down rails... for exactly that reason. Anyway, I can't remember where he first slept in a bed. Maybe it was in here? This is a twin bed, and that's his cross-stich from Grandma on the wall, so - maybe? It's possible I took the bedrails off just for a picture.

(Yup. I think I did. The side rails are in the first picture.)

Eventually, though, the two oldest girls were in here, then got booted out to bedroom 4 so we could work on this bedroom, then back again after we finished it, so we could work on bedroom 4.


So, now they've been in this room for a year. I took a lot of pictures because they're (Lord, please, Lord!) going to be moving to their permanent bedroom in about a month. And this will be Baby's nursery then. Lots of changes afoot.

Here's the room as SweetP and Shug's temporary bedroom, as of today... and for just a little while longer. SweetP is eleven and Shug is nine and a half.

Always with the clothes on the chair. I am defeated.

Still no doorknob! ha ha.

And this last one is from January... just because I like it.

The End! (Except to say that the wall color is Laura Ashley "Stone 2" and the trim is Benjamin Moore "White Dove".

Check back in a few hours for the second post. It's a two in one!


Deb said...

A very pretty room!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I just finished reading all your posts on your house tour. I think that is a great idea to have a slice of time view of your house as they are always evolving. I loved your little comments and asides that you wrote. I was very impressed with how clean your kid's rooms are.

Jacci said...

"I was very impressed with how clean your kids rooms are."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


I cleaned them before I took the pictures, silly :)

And it's GREAT to hear from you! I've wondered if you still peek over here from time to time. Thanks for the encouraging words :)