Thursday, March 29, 2012

phone dump and embrace the camera

Good morning, everyone! How are ya?

I'm in the mood for a good phone dump. Phone dump posts are such fun, because the pictures upload crazy fast. So, I can get a bunch up in no time flat. I wanted to Embrace the Camera this week, but it was an extra busy week and I knew it wasn't likely I'd get out the tripod, edit the pictures, and get a post up.

Enter... the iPhone.

Quite possibly the fakest smile I've ever given the trusty phone cam.

I'm starting to really get this whole ETC thing. Like, I actually remember to do it now. I hear myself say get in the picture. Fairly often. That's fun.

A little Hipstamatic action in the church bathroom. Because, hey - it's Embrace Everywhere All The Time. And because someone (ahem, Little Baby) was being LOUD. (But, you know, I don't really like Hisptamatic. I feel like I should. Because everyone thinks it's so great. But, I don't like it. It bothers me and I am not aesthetically pleased).

I'm an Instagram girl.

A little sleepy Baby progression...

You're wondering why she isn't in the nursery, aren't you? Well, I love my church, but I only put my kids in the nursery in the winter if I am just really in the mood for the stomach flu. We have a nursing mom's room, though, and they pipe the sermon sound in there. So, I can rock her, listen to the sermon, and... she sleeps. It's pretty nice, actually.

But her nursery days are coming. Once the contagion dies down.

You all take Sunday afternoon naps, right? Baby's still little enough to nap with me. I'll be sad when she's all over the place and the bed isn't safe. But for now...

We nap.

She plays with my face.

And sings and babbles for a while.

Then she starts to get quiet.

And falls asleep.

The End.

Happy Embracing, everyone!

Oh, by the way! I got the "in progress house tour" button and the "about us" link in the sidebar all sitchutated! :) very fun.

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Jessa said...

Phone dump. Excellent idea.

Those sleepy baby photos are divine. Our babies are in the same sweet phase. How lucky are we?

Beautiful shots!

Deb said...

You and your whole family are so photogenic! Lovely pics.

Bekah said...

sleeping babies are the cutest!

Amber said...

So sweet.

Melissa said...

Well...what everyone else said. Those sleepy baby photos are killing me! I really need to take more photos of just us doing our thing, and not just blog-related photos. Maybe if I had an iPhone it would be easier... ;)

Anonymous said...

The sweetest baby and mommy pictures. Melted my heart! :)

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I think this is my favorite out of your photo dumps! So so sweet :)

Brandi said...

Oh, such sweet baby photos! Almost makes me want another :) Just precious.

Traci said...

Those last three photos melt my heart =)

Jess said...

The napping together in bed series... beautiful beautiful beautiful! I wish I had photos of those with my own little ones, that time is so fleeting. Just completely precious.