Monday, March 12, 2012

video for you on a rainy monday afternoon

There are two things working against us today. It's rainy and gray which means everyone's a little sluggish. And our bodies didn't jump right in there and agree with the concept of daylight savings time right away, either. That just adds to the sleepiness. Punkin was falling asleep during her spelling lesson today. Not a good sign.

So, we had a mandatory rest time. I probably should've rested, too, but I worked on a video for you instead. I've actually been working on it for a little while now. Videos take forever. But, they're so fun when they're finished!

I got to bed crazy late because I'm a total i-dot. Sam made a pot of coffee for himself at 10pm because he knew he was going to have to stay up really late working from home last night. Poor guy. Busy season at work right now. He (very sweetly) made a pot of decaf for me first, though, and put it in the carafe to stay hot. At least, that's what I thought he said. BUT, when I went for my second massive cup of decaf, I was surprised to see that the carafe was empty. "Where'd all the decaf go?," I innocently asked. It was then that we both realized I had gotten things all jumbled up. The carafe had the fully leaded stuff in it. I had just had a huge cup of real deal coffee at 10pm.

Really, really not good.

I think I went to be around 2:30 this morning.

bedroom 4

Anyway, so last night I worked on this video a little, too. Downloaded the last of the Flip segments and stuff. It's a video of our February and March progress in Bedroom 4. I decided I didn't really want to do a dozen different posts detailing such exciting happenings as caulking and dry wall mudding. This is better, I think. It's still just caulking and dry wall mudding, but I added Jack to the mix. So, it's pleasant drywall and caulking now.

If anything, this video just shows how very gradual progress often has to be. Redoing the closets has been by far our slowest part of each room. It just takes time to get all the shelves right, to smooth out the drywall mud, to prep for painting. The progress is almost imperceptible when you're the one doing it... staring at the same inside of a closet Saturday after Saturday.

But, eventually, you get there. And you start to see the difference being made. This video is basically a month and a half worth of all the progress posts I could've posted, rolled instead all into one 3+ minute video.

SweetP helped me roll the first coat of paint on the walls on Saturday evening. We chose Sherwin Williams "Buoyant Blue" in flat. I always do flat on the walls. Can't stand any reflective sheen. That's just my preference. It's kind of a very pale robin's egg blue with aqua tendencies. NO gray in it. Can you believe it? The only pigments added are blue and green. It looks white in the pictures, but it darkens as it dries. Still pale, but not white.

Pure hue. They kind of had to talk me into it. ha ha. It's really pretty, though. And cheerful. The house can handle color now that there's plenty of white and it's not so dark.

It was fun to have SweetP help me. She was really excited to get to roll it. When I downloaded these photos, she looked so old to me. But, experience has taught me that in no time at all I'll look at this post - these photos - and think how small and young she looked in them.

It's all good, though. There are great new things about each stage of life with her.


We're coming up on the anniversary of our first house project. We finalized the sale of our previous house in March of 2009 and lost no time in starting in on this one. We painted the kitchen walls three years ago this weekend. Can you believe that?

The last two anniversaries, I've done a "Year in Review" post. I think I'm planning on taking that in a slightly different direction this year. For one, we didn't get to a ton of house progress because of the pregnancy and Baby's arrival. But, also, I think I want to switch up the focus of the anniversaries a bit. I'm still brainstorming. I'm thinking it needs to include a comprehensive house tour, though. As unimpressive as that currently is. I want to document where we were three years into this.

Soccer practice is underway now. SweetP and Shug are on the same team and their coach is kind of a go-getter. Not in a bad way. She's encouraging, great at teaching, positive - this is just a little more commitment than we've had to make with coaches from previous seasons. This is only rec soccer, not league. BUT, it's good. I have a feeling they're going to improve a lot with her. And that makes it worth the 3x/week rain or shine practices for me.

Practice starts in less than 2 hours. In the rain. I'll keep the younger ones in the van with me. Probably watching a DVD. Maybe I'll nap then.

Ha ha.

Just kidding.

So, I'm wondering... does anyone who started reading this blog during that first year still read it? (Deb, when did you first find me? Seems like you've been faithfully sharing our ups and downs for quite a while.) If you've been reading for a while now, I'd love to hear from you!


UPDATE: Soccer pratice was gloriously cancelled! Hoorah! And, in other news, I forgot to mention that I finished uploading my February Catch 36 photos in the wee hours of the morning. You can check out the project so far - here.


Deb said...

The closets look great. At least you HAVE closets. We had one when we moved in here. Now there are three but none of them are mine. Ouch! I think I found you when you first started blogging because I started my blog around the same time. I can't remember how I found you though. Sorry!

Jen said...

I have been following your blog for a while now, maybe a few years?
I found you from Young House Love and loved your chalkboard door.
I have really enjoyed your latest posts about living in a house with imperfections. I don't know if we will ever finish our renovations, but it is all a process.
Can't wait to see your blue after it's second coat.
love your blog, cheers Jen