Friday, March 23, 2012

House Tour 2012

This past week, I've been celebrating (is that the best word for it?) the 3rd anniversary of our first project on this house. I decided to commemorate this momentous occasion by sharing a series of room-to-room house tour posts. It's been fun... definitely more than I'm used to blogging in one week, but fun! I thought it would be nice to put all those house tour posts in one spot. That way, when new peeps come by the blog, there's a house tour! All ready and waiting to show them where we are in our progress.

Heads up, though. This is not a complete "Before And After" type house tour. None of our rooms are done. Most are not even remotely close. This tour is not meant to impress anybody. It's nothing more than an attempt to document... this is our house in March of 2012. All the rooms, at the same time. Three years after first picking up the paintbrushes.

For those that would like a quick peek, this post will do. I'll include a photo of nearly every room. For those who would like a little more detail, some chatty commentary, and a LOT more photos - I'll link to the post I did for each room this week. Just click on the text beneath the photo.

This has been an encouraging little blog project for me. I feel like I can see the house a bit more clearly now. Photographing a room really helps give you fresh perspective. Helps you see what's working so far and what needs to change.

I've enjoyed it.

Here's our home - March 2012.


The Entryway

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Family Room

The Spare Room, The Laundry Room, and The Half Bath

The Children's Bath and Bedroom 4

The Master Bedroom and Baby's Nook

The Master Bathroom

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 2


gilly said...

I love watching as your house progresses - it's wonderful and edifying to see something in the blog world go in real time.

Thanks also for the great lesson in starting with layers- I've always been paralysed with where to start, now I get it.

Lacey said...

Hi there! I was searching on pinterest for interesting and creative ways to combine a boy and girl's room and I came across your blog. My kids are set on bunk beds and I really like the set you have. Would you mind telling me where you found them.
Thank you!! Lovely home, by the way.

Jacci said...

Hi, Lacey :) They're IKEA, but I'm sorry ot say I don't think they're available now. At least, I haven't seen them online for over a year. Sorry!