Wednesday, March 21, 2012

House Tour 2012: The Kitchen

The kitchen, although not exactly ready for a magazine shoot anytime soon (or ever), really isn't bad. When it's all clean and tidy, I like it! This whole level, actually, is pretty neat and cheerful now. Which is encouraging, because three short years ago that was definitely not the case.

I shared the living room earlier, and the kitchen in combination with that room, gives an overall "bright" feeling. Even though the kitchen really isn't all that bright... you still somehow get that feeling. The white cabinets make all the difference. There are certainly things I look forward to changing in here, but I'm fine with how it is for a while. This level is the last level we'll be remodeling. It's going to be kind of a big deal. I spend, seriously, about 90% of my waking hours in these two rooms. Not looking forward to major upheaval. But, that's still a few years away.

Today it's not upheaved.

This is the kitchen from the living room door...

And from the other side of the room, looking at the living room door.

I broke my white sugar bowl the other day. (I should've taken a picture, Deb!) Never fear, I had this one stored away. It's very... blue. It looks a little like flow blue china, but it's not. It's from Cracker Barrel circa 2002.

Can you see me? That dress was a very bold purchase for me. But I love it. True confessions? It's a maternity dress from last summer. I don't care. It's so cute. And the waist is high, so who would know? Unless I blabbed it to them. Which is likely.


ha ha. Just kidding. I don't really know what is going on in this corner. I know I bought the piggy at a flea market because he made me smile. The picture is of Sam and I whilst engaged. It's to remind me to pray for him. And it also makes me smile. The frame was just one I had from previous houses... not loving it. And the Coca-Cola woman is just very, very random. I don't know where I bought her, but I can vaguely picture the place. Like a general store of some sort (?). Maybe in Door County (?). Random.

The mason jar has "craft idea sticks" the kids and I painted last summer.

So, I have to ask. Have none of you guys been wondering what on earth is UP with my table and chairs? I mean... they're pretty bad. You're all very kind to not comment on them! We bought this set about 10 years ago. When I was deep in the throes of my country phase. I know, you can't even tell, can you?! Anyway, my kitchen then was very white... beadboard on the walls and stuff. My main criteria for choosing a kitchen table at that point was that it have benches. Because the eat-in part of the kitchen wasn't very large (about as big as this one) and we couldn't fit a long table, but we needed to be able to seat 8 people. This is, literally, the only table I could find in our price range at the time. I've never liked the color of the "wood". But, it has its good points. It's tile top which is awesome for watercolors, markers, playdoh, etc. Well, maybe that's its only good point. I almost always have a tablecloth on it when it isn't being used as a craft/project table.

I could, of course, replace it... or at least the chairs... but there are other things we're spending money on right now. The kitchen table will get dealt with.


So, now you know :)

That window. Who would put a garden window on the front of a house? We did not replace it when we did the other windows, because we have BIG PLANS. Remember that major upheaval I told you about earlier? This window is heavily involved in that plan.

I had a hard time getting a photo, but Sam put our flag out for the first time this Spring. We don't really fly our flag much in winter. I really do not know why. Other than because we don't want to mess around with taking it in and out of the garage in the cold weather. We don't like to leave it out in the dark... it doesn't have a light on it. Anyway, it was very cheerful today - blowing in the sunshiney breeze.

I had really wanted to do two things before I took these photos this morning. I really wanted to polish my silver pitcher. Didn't happen. And I really wanted to get to some great, colorful, SPRING craft with the children to hang up all around the clipboards. Well, negatory on that one, too. I like this little art wall best when it's fuller. Not just the clipboards.

And, wrapping it up, here we have Baby's royal throne. If you ask me, it looks kind of like a stormtrooper. Do you see it?

That's all for today. I'm planning on getting the entryway and family room up tomorrow, but I'm not sure it will be in the morning. Thanks so much for reading these house tour posts, guys!

Now, to go enjoy the sunshine!

(Here's the chalkboard door post - if you're interested!)


Renae said...

1) Love the dress!
2) Love the chalkboard door...after all your stint on YHL was what brought me to you! And I did this in our former home but don't know where to put one here. Wish you could visit and tell me! :)
3) Wonder why you don't just do what Meg does and paint every one of those chairs a different color? Honestly. I mean that photo with the chandy and the clipboards and the beautiful art just reminds me of Meg's place. Couple that with the pillows in your LR and it seems like a natural solution! Maybe throw in an odd ball or two to mix it up? Love. :) Just an idea...but no, I never noticed!

Deb said...

I like your kitchen! I love the white cupboards and the art everywhere. Maybe you could paint your table?

I'd have a lot of guest posts for the broken item of the week you know!

Jacci said...

Thanks, guys :)

Well, paint has definitely occurred to me. But, you know - I'm already painting quite a lot ;) I won't rule the possibility out... but it's not a top priority.

I may replace the chairs this year, though. I'd really prefer some vintage dark wood option.

Renae - I *loved* Meg's chairs... in Meg's house :) They are very her, but not very me. Sam would hate them, too. I think Meg is wonderful, but her style is much funkier and flea marketier than my own. If I painted these, they'd be neutral. I can always go for a bright tablecloth when the urge for more color strikes. I wouldn't want chair colors to limit my fabric options, you know?

Thanks for the sweet words, girls :)

Brandi said...

I love the white kitchen and that chalk board door. I've got to figure out how to put one somewhere in my house! I'm now inspired.