Monday, March 19, 2012

House Tour 2012: Children's Bathroom and Bedroom 4


Get down to bidness.

I'm going to show you the children's bath. Which started out like this...

And which we finished up last spring and posted about here.

Now, I have to say something first. One of my peeves is when someone shows a room online somewhere and says things like "but I don't really like it" or "it's not really what I envisioned"... blah blah blah. This old thing? It always strikes me as kind of snooty. "Oh, you may like it, but it's not what I would call anything great."

Well, I'm about to get on my own nerves.

Because, honestly, this really isn't what I saw in my head when I thought these wall things up.

It isn't going to be like this much longer.

I wanted color... pronto. And the five was an impulse purchase. A number of guests have remarked, "Wow. That's a big five!" :)

I still really like the bathroom, though. It's my favorite room in the house! Wall color is Sherwin Williams "Open Air" and trim is Benjamin Moore "White Dove".

I just think I might like it a little better if the artwork didn't somehow remind me of Woodstock. It might as well be a tie-dyed peace sign.

It was so much cooler in my head.

So, that's what the children's bathroom looks like right now. Now then, we have progress in bedroom 4... soon to be SweetP and Shug's (hopefully) permanent, for realz bedroom.

Yes, the wall color is very similar to the bathroom. I had no idea we were going to go the robin's-egg-blue-with-a-pinch-of-aqua-in-it route in here when I chose the bathroom color. Oh, well. They are slightly different. The bedroom is a touch lighter and ever so slightly more... aqua!

I painted the trim around those closets this weekend. I timed it. Because I'm a dork. It took 45 minutes for one coat on one doorway. Wall color is Sherwin Williams "Buoyant Blue" and trim is Benjamin Moore "White Dove".

Oh, woops! I forgot the before shot!

This picture was when we had the family room tv cabinet in the room so the concrete floor down there could be bleached and the new carpet put in.

Those pictures make me even more thankful we have the opportunity to remodel this room. Even though it's (clearly) not done, it's already so much fresher and prettier now.

It will be fun to see what this room looks like a year from now. I hope something is on the walls!

Dream big.

Okay... one more for the day. Check back before dinner... I'll have Bedroom 3 up. Punkin and Little Dude's room :)

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Deb said...

I see what you mean with the bathroom art. Oh well. I LOVE.THAT.FLOOR. in there though.