Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"My Country Phase": Just An Interjection

Just real quick. Because I just have this little bit to say.

I've mentioned a few times that I went through a "country" phase. I'm aware that when I've mentioned it, it's been in kind of a disparaging way. That's not nice. And, it doesn't really make complete sense. Little Miss Mason Jars Everywhere would like to clarify.

I still like some farmhouse type elements. Some fresh, modern country. Not so much eggs in a wire basket (I don't have any chickens... yet) or lace curtains, but lemonade served in mason jars and straight pins in vintage enamelware country? Yes. I like little bits of that. A lot.

I like a mix. I've stopped trying to name it. I'm just going with it. The country phase I've referenced was more old-school. Like lots of barn red. American flags on all kinds of stuff. A little primitive. Homespun fabric. Cinnamon candles. Bows? I'd say that part of country is no longer an influence in my personal aesthetic.

But I live in Ohio. I was born here. And I will always love the country to some degree. And old-fashioned hospitality. And cooking from scratch. And milkglass.

So, that's the deal.

Please enjoy the photos of my very lacy and flowery former living room.

The next post will be more of the house tour.

Good night :)

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Deb said...

I'm with ya sister. We've all been there done that haven't we? We all have a wee bit of country in all of us I think.

Good morning.