Saturday, March 10, 2012

march: 10 on 10

Hey, check it out! Can you believe I remembered 10 on 10?!

On a roll!

My parents were here for part of the day, just like last month's 10. Weird. Also, just like last month, my bloodstream is pretty much completely saturated with caffeine, so this should be a nice, zippy post.

10 on 10 begins. 9 am. I don't really get up early so much. Coffee. Stat. Sam was already out the door with the two oldest girls for a 9:30am soccer practice.


I slept in as long as Baby would allow. Ate a nice, slow breakfast while the younger three played. Revved up (is that poor spelling?) for the day ahead.

10am. I got all artsy with this edit. I'm so hip.

So, I rock my babies to sleep. Or sway them to sleep. A little of both? I didn't with the first two. Then, with baby 3, with two very little ones in the mix, the crying just about made me bonkers. So, I started rocking them to sleep and doing all kinds of things sleep experts tell you not to do. They've all (minus the dude) slept awesome... through the night way early. No discernable difference between my rocked babies and "sleep-trained" babies. This little one's so easy. I rock her maybe 3 minutes and she's out cold. I kind of think it's all about timing.

Well, timing and the fact that this child is Wonder Baby.

11am. Cheekers! Short morning nap because we were planning for a loooooong afternoon nap. Bathtime. Mom took this. Her first time using a dslr. Didn't she do a great job?

noon. Loving on the grandbabies.

1pm. My sister came with her children (new baby!) to visit for a little bit after lunch. Lots of kiddos in one room. Lots of LOUD.

2pm. Sam and I finally got started on the room we're working on. The first year we lived here, we would spend all Saturday, every Saturday from morning to evening working on house projects. We definitely got a lot done, but it started to take a toll on our family. Now, weekend projects get mixed in with lots of other activities. It means we get less done, but things are better overall.

3pm. Still cutting in. The younger two are napping. This room is SweetP (11) and Shug's (almost 10) bedroom. We've been working on it



But, it's starting to get to the rewarding stage. Punkin is hunched over my iPhone here. Playing tic tac toe. And that's not paint in my hair. That's guh-ray, sistas.

4pm. Cutting in is done. Wonder Baby is still sleeping, and it's time for Mama to head downstairs and snack on the vanilla pudding SweetP's been making. Vanilla pudding, nilla wafers, and banana slices. Weird? Maybe. But, tasty!

5pm. Little Dude woke up from nap a little before this (Baby was still out like a light), so I went downstairs to see what they were up to and to goof around with them for a bit. They had made a tent in the family room. I almost broke my neck trying to get in the timer shot before it clicked. It didn't really work. Or maybe it did? I love their happy faces. Focus is optional.

6pm. Wonder Baby is my first bottle-fed babe. She just never got the hang of nursing. And, believe me, we tried. SweetP took this for me... she's getting pretty good at framing shots.

And that's 10! Now we're getting ready to eat an easy dinner (pasta and jarred light alfredo sauce) and then SweetP's going to help me roll the first coat of paint on the walls. Then, once we finish, Sam's going to head over to the church - it's our week to clean - while I put the kids to bed. That's the plan, anyway. Subject to unplanned interruptions. Hopefully, Sam and I will have time to gaze into each others eyes and actually TALK tonight. Planning on an at home date night.

Thus the massive amounts of caffeine.

Full day. Good day. And we rest all day tomorrow :) Thanks for reading!


Deb said...

You are your family are just too cute! Have a great date night.

Shannon said...

Baby adorable. Why do they have to loose those chunks and then why do we have to get them back later on down the road ;) Love your pics. Hope you got that quiet time with the hubby!

Leanne said...

Looks like a very busy day , Lots of kids & fun.

erin said...

These are beautiful! I LOVE the last photo. Thanks for sharing. Please be sure to click over and see mine! :)

Kiki said...

What lovely photos! The tent photo is so cute and I love the composition in the last one. Looks like you had a fun day!

Angel said...

Wonderful photos and commentary. You crack me up!
I LOVE the blue you chose, so pretty.
And oh. my. gosh. CHEEKERS! Gah, So stinkin cute!

Jess said...

Again, so inspired by your self portraits. I tend to make mine way artsy and put too much time into it... but really I should just take random snaps with the kids like you do. They will treasure those photos someday.

miss macri said...

I think the unfocussed smiles are perfect - and goodness, that butt shot is too great!

AP Mommy said...

Love them all - it's so hard to pick a favorite. :) I love the blurry family shot.

Anneli said...


Mominin said...

What a full and busy day! I love the perspective on the first one ... I think baby is wanting some coffee, too! Can I just say, I am so impressed that you can paint without anything covering the carpet? That would be such a disaster at our house, LOL.

Our Beaten Path said...

Oh, I love me some little baby butt. :)Great pictures! BTW, you have a beautiful kitchen.

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I loooove the baby bum & totally miss having a baby that little :( Love your sweet Saturday!