Thursday, March 15, 2012

embrace the camera: shug (age 9.5)

I'm finding that not only do I have to be intentional about getting myself in the photos with the children, but I also have to be intentional about getting my oldest two, specifically, in the shots. The younger guys still hang around me pretty much most of the day and love the camera, but the older two are often off doing school work or working on some independent project. And, sometimes, when the camera comes out... they give a little groan.

But only a little one. So, I feel that I have some wiggle room to pressure them into it.

I cornered Shug the other day. We were going to the pediatrician so, miraculously, I wasn't wearing The Gray Fleece. I already had the tripod in the room. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.

At first, a little groaning. She was being a little dork. Pretending she wasn't going to smile.

I told her, "Honey! This is Embrace the Camera! Now get busy and EMBRACE!"

And then I squeezed the living daylights out of her.


That's better.

Thank you.

(And, boy! Can you ever see my frosty grays in these pictures! Woah, mama. I think this in-between business is the worst. I wish it would just go wild and give me some ultra cool white streak or something. All Cruella DeVille style.)

I managed to get in the photos in yesterday's post, too. You know, because you're just dying for more ME.

Happy Embracing, everyone!


Jessa said...

what a beautiful pair. nice work Mama.

MnM said...

You and your daughter are beautiful! What a wonderful photo!

Brandi said...

Beautiful picture of you two!

Jess said...

LOVE these! They're perfect. And you're right about the older kids. I have much fewer photos with my oldest - need to change that.