Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Tour 2012: Master Bedroom and Baby's Nook

Oh, man, guys. I'm just really laying it out there this week. My soul is laid bare. My very unfinished rooms are on all the internets.


Other bloggers wait until they have some awesome room to share, and then they show you the nasty "before" and an immediately gratifying "after" and all is right with the world. I haven't seen a lot of posts like the ones I'm putting out there this week.

"Here... let me show you... my completely blah room! And my chaotic design-failures! This room may stay this way for YEARS!"

It's amazing to me that anyone's still reading at this point, really. Deb, you're a rockstar for the gracious comments! I know it's because your sweet heart couldn't stand to see me with half a dozen goose egg posts at the end of the week. Thank you!

Partly, I'm posting my very unfinished house tour this week, because I want it documented. I want to look back and see how far we've come. But, also, I'm partly posting these rooms because I think this sort of thing is helpful. We all think other people bust out fully remodeled and decorated homes in a 60 minute time slot, and wonder what on earth is wrong when we can't manage to complete a single room in 6 months! In real life, we have to make decisions. Decisions based on priorities. And that, friends, means that things don't become pretty in the blink of an eye. And rooms stay undone for quite a while. Hard as that pill is to swallow at times... it's real.

My sarcasm is just me being silly. And me saving face. Making sure you know that I know this ain't perdy. A little prideful of me, really. Still struggling with that whole sinful nature thing.

Well, let's just get on with it. House Tour 2012. (I know I will be glad I did this. I know I will).

This is my master bedroom. I shared it less than two month ago here, when the crib arrived.

C'mon in!

Okay, now turning around. That black door is the door you came through in the first photo...

Sam's side.

My side.


And this is Baby's little nook. I just couldn't stand not having a little nursery to decorate for her... this is just simple, but I really like it. It's feminine and cheerful and sweet. It's something.

I made the cribskirt from the same chenille blanket I used to make the living room throw. I bought it from Etsy as a cutter... I've gotten my money out of it!

The L is just a canvas painted in chalkboard paint. The font was pretty heavily inspired by (copied from?) Anthropologie's monogrammed mugs.

The crocheted blanket was made by a friend years ago for our second oldest, Shug. Baby is our third girl to use it.

The sheet is from Target. The wall with the L is the only wall painted at this point. The color is Sherwin Williams' "Balanced Beige". It's also in our kitchen.

She likes it.

So, there! I had something pretty to share after all! What do you know?

Get ready, though, because the master bathroom is coming up this afternoon.

Not so nice.


Melissa said...

I really appreciate these in progress posts. It's just reality! I love the concept of the first layer and wish I could apply it to my house (which is a late-'60s Colonial suburban house), but neither my husband nor I has the DIY skills or tools (or time or desire, in my husband's case), so our reality is that we'd probably have to pay someone else to do it. Which means that it's VERY low priority. I tend to stick to paint and hanging stuff on the walls, but I like the thoughtfulness you put in to your planning. I tend to try things out and then eventually change them if I get tired of it or it's just not right, but I'm trying to create more of a grand plan and work from there these days. And embrace the the snail's pace--there are only so many hours in the day!

Deb said...

I love these posts! Your befores are much better than my afters. (If I had any) Thanks for posting the colours.

p.s. I do not do pity comments! :)

Renae said...

I love the baby corner. It's so precious! Totally reminds me of Dana's baby corner over at House*Tweaking! The wall color is divine and i'm so stealing the chalkboard thing. Totally! And you know what i'm grateful for? My doors look EXACTLY like yours do. Just enough trim so that the carpet could be installed but not enough gumption to actually finish them. In 75% of our rooms. My boys' rooms don't have closet doors. We don't have baseboards in the hall. My bedroom was supposed to have board and batten. That was 18 months ago. Shoot, you'd probably feel good about your place if you saw mine!! Ha ha! But it's kids and life and enjoying both. We don't want to be slaves to our home so we just do what we can. We're happy. Your place is beautiful and so is the family that lives in it! Thanks fo sharing!

Denise said...

i love the "l." did you make it?

btw- i found you via pinterest and see that we share some blog friends. i'm going to have to snoop around here and get to know you better. :-)